Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas Loot: One thing

Well... it's this time of year in which all good bloggers share the treasure trove of models they accrued during the Christmas holiday.  Reading blogs has illustrated how important holiday gift giving is to most gamers.  This year, I too, received some Privateer Press.  My vast addition to my treasure trove: Rhupert Carvolo. Yeah, I only got one thing this year, but that's life sometimes.  Real life is more important than gaming....yeah I said it.  Thus, I made this one small addition to my collection.

That said, I think Carvolo is a huge addition to my Menoth army in terms of what he brings to the table.  He is a veritable tool box of useful abilities from granting tough to pathfinder.  I think that Carvolo's best use is in buffing our tarpit units, namely Temple Flameguard.  He provides Temple Flameguard with all they need to get into position, jam a section of the table, and hold it for a long time or cause your opponent to allocate an inordinately large portion of their army to getting rid of this unit.

Pathfinder goes great lengths towards getting your Flameguard to where they need to go.  It also lightens the deployment burden on terrain heavy tables.  These all help a great deal in providing pressure on your opponent to deal with your army instead of actualizing their own plans.

I will be the first to admit that I don't see tons of merit in Carvolo's +1 DEF and terror song.  Terror is highly situational and statistically unviable.  The +1 DEF can be helpful, but only with high DEF units/models.  Of course, it becomes much stronger with a caster that can throw out defender's ward.  The best unit for this particular song, in my opinion, would be a unit of Daughters of the Flame. If DW is cast on them followed by the dirge of mists, you are looking at an insanely hard to hit 18 DEF!  Yikes.

Lastly, you have the bread and butter of Carvolo.  Heroic call grants fearless and tough.  This really makes Flameguard shine as their primary missions are usually to tarpit and hold objectives.  In shield wall, you are looking at DEF 13, ARM 17 with tough.  Throw in the UA and for one turn you are getting DEF 13 ARM 21 with tough.  If you are like me and like to play Flameguard with pSevy, you can bump those stats up to 15 and 19/23 respectively with DW.  Then on that magical 5+ they stay put to annoy your opponent for another round.  Insanely good.

The obvious answer to this situation is to kill off Carvolo and with a CMD of 8, he has to stay close to your units to help them out.  His stats are great, so screening and hiding behind terrain are going to be a must.  If you can accomplish that, you will dramatically increase the effectiveness of our infantry, Temple Flameguard being the biggest recipients, in my opinion.

Now, I have to get Carvolo glued together and painted.  Since he is a Merc, I really want to make him look different from the rest of the army to show that status.  My pEiryss and Gorman both have a lot of green, a color which doesn't appear in my red and white Menoth army.  This provides a bit of visual contrast for the army, so it isn't constantly a sea of similar colors.  I'm thinking of painting in greens and blues for Carvolo and I love some of the models out there that are showing him in simulated plaids.  So, hopefully, he will be up on the table soon and ready to play shortly thereafter.

Thanks for reading.

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