Monday, September 27, 2010

Models finished this week

Well, I have made progress on my armies.  I finished 9 grey hunters for my Space Wolves army, but I didn't get any pictures.  I did, however, finish a rhino, 2 las/missile dreads, and a squad of scouts in the past week.  Fortunately, I have taken pictures of them.  Here they are.

Here are my most recent scout additions. The squad won't run like this, but I need all of the models.  Included here is a sargeant with powerfist and combi-melta (sculpted rather poorly from greenstuff), a heavy bolter scout (who will count as a missile launcher until I can figure out a good conversion), and three bolters.  I have 10 CCW/pistol scouts, that are painted in another scheme.  I will get to them later.

 Here is one of my Tac squads pimpin' rides.  Nothing special really.  Just a rhino

 Here are two of my three las/missile dreads.  The other one is primed.  I am waiting to get some more white to air brush him.  I am also hoping to score some more imperial guard autocannons.  I discoverd a fairly easy way to make TL autocannons and I want to experiment with them as well.

Finally, is a group picture.  So, basically, I need to paint 4 dreads, 20 odd tac marines, 10 assault marines, 5 scouts, and two speeders and I will have an army! pshhh.....easy......ehhhh

Thanks for looking.  Any constructive criticism or questions are appreciated.

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