Warhammer 40k Articles

With the advent of my interest in Warmachine, I have split my Awesome Articles Archive into two separate pages based on parent company.  This is where all of the cool 40k articles hang out.

Hobby Articles
Painting Halfway Decent Power Weapons

Using Greenstuff to Create Unique Space Marine Shoulder Pads

Tutorial: How-to Rock Bases on the Cheap

What a Difference a Base can Make

Make Your Own GW Paints

Taking better pictures with cra...inexpensive equipment

Converting: One Man's Trash...

Magnetizing a Stormraven?!?

That's Attractive: Uses for Magnets in 40k

DiY Twin Linked Autocannon Arms for Dreadnoughts

Article Series

Painting for Tournaments Article Series

You Got Owned

40k for Dummies

Sanguinary Guard Battle Reports

Sanguinary v. Grey Knights

Sanguinary Guard v. Orks- Short Battle + Why Orks Suck

Dante vs. Khan- An Ugly Mess

Jump-ish BA take on Necrons

Blood Angel Sanguinary take on....Blood Angels 

Blood Angels land on the Planet of the Apes

Black Templar Codex Review 

Black Templar Review: The FAQ

Codex Review: Black Templar Named HQs

Codex Review: Black Templar HQs

Codex Review: Black Templar Troop

Codex Review: Black Templar Elites 

Codex Review: Black Templar Fast Choices

Codex Review: Black Templar Heavy Selections

Space Wolf Codex Review

Codex Review: Space Wolf Named Characters, The ehh...

Codex Review: Space Wolf Named Characters, the Decent

Codex Review: Space Wolf Named Characters, The Awesome

Codex Review: Space Wolf Wolf Lord and Battle Leader

Codex Review: Space Wolf Elites Part1

Codex Review: Space Wolf Elites Part 2

Codex Review: Space Wolf Troops

Codex Review: Space Wolf Fast Selections

Codex Review: Space Wolf Heavies


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