Thursday, September 23, 2010


As I mentioned in my introduction post, I am putting together the 6 Dread list as my fun/slightly competitive army while my inner tournament goers wants more.  Thus, I have also put together a fairly solid Space Wolf list.  I am running the army itself as counts-as SW.  The are painted, mostly in Black Templar motif with a few variations.  I have thought up the fluff that a castellan spoke out of turn in opposition to his marshal's orders.  Thus, he was banished to a seemingly unconquerable crusade.  The Indomitus Prime crusade.

So, all of that to say, it is an army of Black Templar models being played as Space wolves.  So far, I have painted, 4 rhinos/razorbacks, a rune priest, 3 thunderwolf cav, 2 melta gunners, 9 grey hunters with ccw/pistol, 4 wolf guard with power weapons/pistols, 2 fenrisian wolves, and that's about it.  Along with these models, I still have to paint, 15 long fangs (12 missile launchers), a unit of wolf scouts, two land speeders, another rhino, 4-5 more melta gunners, and about about 20 more grey hunters, of which one has a wolf standard and one is modeled to be my mark of the wulfen model. 

Anyway, tonight, I finished 6 of my 9 grey hunters and air brushed initial coats of white onto a rhino chassis.  Alongside that, I have done a bit of work on my dread list yield two white dreads and some vanguard vets with a few conversions that will probably serve as my regular assault squad for the time being. 

So, I paint really slowly.  I usually layer as many as 4 or 5 layers of each shade of a color before moving on.  It is slow going, but I hope the end result will be some sweet models.  Hopefully, I will have some pics and a space wolf list to show soon, but it is beginning to be past my bedtime. 

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