Thursday, December 9, 2010

Space Wolf Stealth Cheese Part Deux

So, I have been thinking about the stealth bomb unit that Stelek made on YTTH. It made me thinkg about how you could take it to the extreme.  Here is a crazy idea for the stealth bomb using Logan. 

Logan- 275pt.
WGBL- saga of the hunter, storm bolter, wolf claw-133pt.
Wolf Guard Terminator- cyclone, storm bolter, and wolf claw- 68pt.
6 Long Fangs- 5x missiles- 140pt.

Total Price Tag- 616pt.

So, what does it have?  It has 7 missiles shots that can be allocated between two targets.  Logan allows it to be relentless, so now you have long fangs firing on the move.  When they get into position in cover, they can go to tank hunter mode and pump 7 S9 missiles.  If they are charged, they have logan, the WGBL, and the terminator striking with 13 power weapon attack via counterattack.  Then the long fangs kick an additional 14 attacks.  In this turn, Logan can also turn on preferred enemy so that your hits go through.  Finally, if you are in a bind, he can give everyone +1 attack. 

You could make this even more sick by putting in a rune priest. 

Just a thought.  What do you think?  Any good?


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