Saturday, February 26, 2011

Now That's Ironic

Some of you are probably asking why a tupperware bowl of murky liquid, a stormraven, and some daemonettes might be considered ironic. Well, aside from being an avid hobbyist, I happen to do a bit of commission work on the side.  Lately, I have been working on a Beast of Chaos army for WFB for a friend of mine.  Today, I picked up two jobs from other friends.  One is for a Slaaneshi themed daemon army.  The other, ironically, is for some additions to a friend's Grey Knight army.  With the impending drop of the new codex, he is really excited and so he went out and bought a stormraven and the murky liquid is Simple Green and about 30 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Space Marine who will be stripped of their previous paint scheme and recreated into the squads of the Grey Knights. 

The stormraven is what I am really excited about.  I really can't wait until I get to put it together and try my hand at painting it.  Whether you like it or hate it as a whole, you have to admit that the bits in this kit are pretty sweet.

So, those are things I am working on right now. A little from the order of Good and a little from the side of Chaos.  Should be a great time.  I will keep you posted as I work. 

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