Saturday, February 19, 2011

Reader Input Needed

As I have now laid out my philosophy on playing 40K, being that you can play any army you want how, you want, I am opening up the blog to list building advice.  I am not asking for people to comment and ask about which list is better.  I want to see some indepth discussion about why the army is built the way it is, how you see it being played to the best of its abilities, and any questions you may have about how to get it there. 

So I am looking for odd lists.  I want out-of-the-box ideas.  It would provide some conversation.  So, help me out.  Thanks.


GDMNW said...

Sent. You might want to make your email address a little easier to find though. It took me a couple of minutes.

Dave said...

Done. You can now email me via the link in the upper left hand sidebar. Thanks.

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