Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vulkan Take 2- Modest Embellishments

I am adding this picture again because I actually began to use it to help me work on my Vulkan model.  After receiving some input that he wasn't spiffy enough, I went back and sought to add in some embellishments. It is important to note that I am doing this as a counts-as Vulkan, so I am not looking to make an exact mock up.  As a matter of fact, his paint scheme won't be a Salamander scheme.  I am a budget gamer, so I seek to make WYSIWYG models that looks decent.  I am not looking for a precise correlation, just easy recognition.  So here were are now. 
 So, above you can see that I spiffied up his Guantlet of the Forge with a simple emblem made from greenstuff.  I also filled in the gaps between the flamer head and the powerfist.

 Vulkan's spear has a curved blade in the picture above, so I sought to make the spear a bit nicer.  It now has a curved blade and I have wrapped the lower haft with greenstuff, which I will probably paint like parchment.  You can also see a bit of his right leg.  In the picture above, Vulkan has an articulated greave on his right leg.  I did that here, but it need to be cleaned up and it is hard to get to with my file.  I may need to remove the old boy from his base, clean him up down south and then re-glue him.  Finally, I embellished his shoulder pad with another circle emblem.  This is an easy fix and it doesn't stick out from the should too much and make him look awkward.
Lastly, you can see that I add more scaly hide to his loincloth.  You can see a bit of the articulated greave on the right leg and I also add some raised molding to the left greave and knees pad.  Again, I am thinking I need to remove him from his base and filed and cut some of it up to get a cleaner, smoother look. 

So, there is Vulkan, I won't add any more to him, but I will continue to clean him up until I am satisfied with him.  Tell me what you think?  Does he do the character justice?  Thanks for reading.

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