Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Game in a while against new GK no less

So, I got to finally try out my new rendition of my Sanguinary Guard list and what better army to try it out against that the new Grey Knight codex!  Let me tell you though, there is nothing more frustrating than taking on an army of 2+/5++ saves with my only save negating shooting being at 12" and 6" range!  I basically just poured fire into my opponent the whole game and hoped for ones.  So here are the lists:

My list:

Librarian- jump pack, shield of sanguinius, blood lance

3x Sanguinary Priests- 2x jump packs with lightning claws, 1x naked

5 Sanguinary guard- 3x angelus bolters, 2x infernus pistol, 1x powerfist
5 Sanguinary guard- 4x angelus bolters, 1x infernus pistol, 1x powerfist
5 Sanguinary guard- 4x angelus bolters, 1x infernus pistol, 1x powerfist
10 Assault Marines- 2x meltaguns, 1x thunderhammer

5 Vanguard Vets- SS/CCW, SS/CCW/meltabomb, 2x pistol/LC, 1x powerfist

5 Devestators- 4x missile launchers
5 Devestators- 4x missile launchers

Opponent’s List:
Grand Master- master crafted psycannon, psychostroke grenades, blind grenades, master crafted NFSword

Librarian- 2x servoskull, quicksilver, shrouding, sanctuary, might of the titan, the summoning, warp rift

Callidus Assassin
GK Terminators- psycannon, master crafted hammer, 2x falchions
GK Terminators- psycannon, master crafted hammer, 2x falchionsGK Terminators- psycannon, master crafted hammer, 2x falchionsGK Terminators- psycannon, master crafted hammer, 2x halberd

Dreadknight- greatsword, teleporter
Dreadknight- greatsword, teleporter

We played sieze ground with pitched battle deployment. 

The game was actually pretty interesting.  GK terminators are nasty with their relentless rule and ability to shoot a psycannon 4 times each turn.  On top of that, it is rending..... What a pain.  GK really are going to be the kings of the midfield. 

My opponent stayed bunched up for most of the game due to bad terrain roles and lack of aggressive manuevering, so it was truly a game of glass hammers and I didn't want to trade any of mine for his.  If I had assaulted, he would have counter assaulted the next turn, so there was next to no combat in this game.  The only things I did fight were his dreadknights.  After plinking off wounds, both went down fairly easily.  I don't rate them much.  I would much rather have dreadnoughts. 

The callidus died to shooting after she nuked a few of my assault marines. 

Otherwise, it was a game plinking off the odd model here and there.  Had the game ended on turn 5, I would have won it, but in turn 6 he was able to get a squad into contesting range of one of my objectives tying the game.  If turn 7 had rolled around, I was planning a counterattack to try and neutralize his advance, but alas, turn six was the magic number this time. 

Here are some pictures with the odd note here and there.

 Here you can see my opponent weighting the left side heavily.  I decided to move to the right side after seeing what psycannons can do to models in open ground. Yikes!
 You can see the blood smears of one of my sanguinary guard units.  That ultimately made up my mind on going to the right and trying to swing around on his flank.  This is right before Dante and the gang came on.  Both Dante+ SG and Vanguard Vets came down in great shape.  The assault marines came up to assist and you will see below that there is no more dreadknight.  He didn't get a chance to fight. 

This is also the turn, that I got some lucky krak missile shots off on his brown squad of terminators killing two.  They then decided that they didn't want to fight anymore and run off the board.  Fearless bastions of the Emperor's Might my butt!

 Here you can see the mess the callidus made of my assault marines.  First, when it comes in, it hurts the unit (D6 S4 AP2 hits) and then it used the neural shredder.  In the end, I just gather the troops and shot the crap out of it.  Notice below that it is no longer there.
 During turn 4 I decided to start consolidating my troops onto objectives, so my full SG squad in the middle retreated back to the central objective on my side.  The lone powerfist decided to hide behind the terrain in hopes of jumping out and doing something useful.  He never did.

My opponent, having shunted his other dreadknight forward last turn, assault my sanguinary guard.  I had plinked off a wound with my libby's blood lance.  In the insuing fight, I wiped him out before I even got to my powerfist.  Dreadknights are just not scary at all.  At least a dreadnought has a bit more innate survivability using the vehicle rules. 

 This is the point where we just started shooting randomly at each other.  I scored dozens of hits with my rockets, but I just couldn't get him to roll any ones for his armor saves.  All the while, due to 2+ armor, FNP, and cover saves, he wasn't doing much to my units either. 

 He finally made some headway through the terrain and was able to take out my lone powerfist SG. 

At this point, I tried to move out everything that wasn't needed to hold an objective and get it ready for a counter attack.  In the end, I was able to take out a few more terminators, but not enough to keep him from contesting the central objective and claiming one of his own. 

This was a fun game and gave me a lot of useful information about the new Grey Knights.  Here are some things I learned:

1) Terminators with psycannons are scary.  They are great at pinning things down as you don't want to have to advance across the board with several of these things shooting rending shots at you the whole game. 

2) With the ability to take 2+ saves across the board, it is imperative that you either have some long range AP1 and 2 shots or a high volume of small arms fire that you can pump into the army.

3) As mentioned above, Dreadknights are not scary.  They looks neat, but don't worry me at all.

4) The Callidus has its ups and downs, on impact, it does quite a bit of damage, but it dies super easy.  It isn't worth it in my book.  I would much rather have more terminators or power armor marines.

5) Lots of psychic action going on.  Man. It gets old trying to hood stuff and getting hooded, but it adds a really interesting aspect to the game.  Having a hood in your army isn't imperative, but it will make your life much easier along the way. 

So, there you go folks. I really like the new version of my army, but I am wondering if perhaps I can drop the vets for something else, like more missiles/lascannons or perhaps even another assault squad.  I will play a few more game with this before I make up my mind.  Thanks for reading!  I hope you enjoyed it. 

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