Friday, March 18, 2011

Sanguinary Guard: Where do we go from here

Well, I have been thinking about the Sanguinary Guard list and I am going to change it up a bit.  BUT, I am not giving up on the idea.  After doing some searching online and thinking about what deficiencies I need to work on, I have decided that this list needs a few things, namely some good long range fire support, and more bodies.  As I searched around the interwebs for some help, I came across some of Kirby's army lists for jumpers

The Nipplehammer list, surprisingly has quite a few of the elements I want in a list without giving much up for the bits I need.  However, I don't like the list as Kirby sees it as I really want to include a unit of Vanguard Vet in the list still.  So, that leads me to the Nipple Hammer Dave Edition. 

Librarian- jump pack, shield of sanguinius, blood lance

3x Sanguinary Priests- 2x jump packs with lightning claws, 1x naked

5 Sanguinary guard- 3x angelus bolters, 2x infernus pistol, 1x powerfist
5 Sanguinary guard- 4x angelus bolters, 1x infernus pistol, 1x powerfist
5 Sanguinary guard- 4x angelus bolters, 1x infernus pistol, 1x powerfist
10 Assault Marines- 2x meltaguns, 1x thunderhammer

5 Vanguard Vets- SS/CCW, SS/CCW/meltabomb, 2x pistol/LC, 1x powerfist

5 Devestators- 4x missile launchers
5 Devestators- 4x missile launchers

What does this give me? I have roughly the same number of jumpers in the list, but by dropping a sanguinary guard unit and a vanguard unit, I can get 10 devestators with 8 missile launchers.  I also replaced the missing jumpers a unit of 10 assault marines to give me some more melta threat.  So, ultimately, I get about 10 more bodies and some additional melta threat.  Otherwise, I think this list has the tools to draw out an opponent more and then drop in and take him down.  I really need to get a game in to see how this will pan out, but I think it provides as many threats as the last list and goes a bit further by providing that extra long range threat. 

What do you think?  Is this an improvement over my last edition?  You can see that list here.  

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