Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The stormraven comes together

Well, to make a long, ugly story short, American Airlines sucks terribly at doing its job, namely transporting people from one place to another via something that is vaguely like the pictures below. I was supposed to be in San Francisco with my wife for our 5th anniversary yesterday, but our flight got delayed and delayed and delayed and then cancelled. 

Suffice it to say that I had some nervous energy built up and some extra time today to use it, so I have made quite a bit of progress on the flying pigeon. 

It is fully assembled.  I have even magnetized the turret weapons on top.  The next stage has been painting it.  Since the last update, I have added another airbrushing of metallic color, this time chainmail.  Then I have gone in and started blacking out the sections that will not be metallic.  Check out the pictures below.

Above you can see the sections that I have begun to paint in Grey Knight colors.  The flaps on the wings and tail will be red and then a swatch on each side of the hull towards the front, which is still black for the time being.  I am not getting too original.  If you look at the back of the box for the kit, you will see the paint job I am trying to accomplish. *Note: The wings isn't really red or brown tinged, that is just the lighting/flash.  Sorry. 
You may be able to see it here, but I have add some more Devlan Mud wash to the boarding ramp.  It is starting to look really nice and weathered.
 Also, the weathering is starting to take shape.  I am going to apply weathering effects across the entire stormraven, but you can really see it here. My focus is to have the engines and stabilization turbines adequately weathered. I need to work on the landing struts as well.  I am using chaos black and then washing over it with devlan mud wash.  All of the hull weathering will be kind of linear, I don't know really how to explain it any other way.  I am simply applying more paint forward and then streaking it back to look like blasts that occur while the stormraven is travelling at speed. You can see it some on the wings if you look closely.
You can't take pics of this little lady without showing her tail end.  There is it.  You really can't make out much detail here thanks to my flash, but the engines are weathered in the back as well.

Still to come, adding more red to the stormraven as well as highlighting and weathering the red a bit. 

I am thinking that in another few updates, I will be done with this baby and working on her contents, namely the multitude of 2nd and 3rd edition Space Marine models that will serve as my friend's Grey Knight army.  

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