Monday, March 14, 2011

Time to wash our hands of this....

Well, I think you eventually have to let something go.  I just can't figure out how to make the sanguinary guard list work against anything that is remotely balanced. I took the Nipple Wing out again tonight and got utterly smashed by a balanced Mephiston led BA list.  We played an 1,850pt. annihilation game and my opponent took:

Librarian, unleash rage, Shield of Sang,        
Sanguinary Priest       
7 AssaultTerminators, 3THs, Crusader, EA, MM

10 Assault Marines,2x melta, PF       
5 Assault Marines,melta, infernus pistol
5 Assault Marines, lc/plas Razorback, HK, meltagun
5 Assault Marines, lc/plas Razorback, HK, meltagun
5 Assault Marines, lc/plas Razorback, HK, flamer               
I dropped a sanguinary priest and some bits from my vanguard vets to get down to 1,850pt.
So, basically my opponent played well. He played like a competitive gamer and castled in the corner to wait for me. I was dumb and tried to come at him. Then the dice didn't go my way.  I should have refused him and let him come to me.  Oh well.  This pic give you an idea of how it went.


In the end, I just don’t think that this will work out.  The list doesn’t have quite a few things that it needs and I am way too competitive to keep playing with a terrible list just because it is theme-y and looks cool.  Don't get me wrong, as you have read in previous posts, I like theme-y armies and have fun with them, but if it can't win at all, then it just won't work.

That leaves me trying to figure out a new theme for the list while trying to make it somewhat competitive.  Here are a couple of things I want, Sanguinary Guard, As many jump packs or flying things or flying things as possible.  I want a list that plays completely different from any that I currently play with (Space Wolves, Black Templar, Vulkan Marines), so if you have any ideas, let me know.   
I have seen an interesting list over at 3++ is the new black that Kirby came up with.  He calls it Nipple Hammer.  I may try to restart from there.  Well, demoralized dreamer signing out.

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