Thursday, April 7, 2011

Make your own GW paints!

So, this is totally cool!  Another great money saving idea via Miniature Wargame Conversions who is actually siting another article found at Nesbet Miniatures

Both articles share the same information, but I have gone ahead and linked both.  Found in the articles are charts on how to use 5 basic GW paints to make a wide variety of other GW colors, even discontinued colors! 

I love this simply because I mix paint on my own all the time.  It helps to have a chart to reference and a list of colors that can be produced.  This is an excellent article and the charts are a great download for those of you out there that want to have a visual reference guide for mixing colors.  I highly recommend that you go to one of the above links and check it out.

Other useful articles:
Tutorial: How-to Rock Bases on the Cheap
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Nesbet said...

Thanks for refering to my blog. ;D

Glad you found useful my tutorial!

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