Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thought Provoking Tuesday

1) Better Playtesting:Tournament Prep- Nikephoros has a very interesting article about how to prep for tournaments by applying the concepts of deliberate and technical play to your playtesting.

2) 2 For 1 Special- Nyhil writes an article over at Blood of Kittens about modeling correctly to not take advantage of LoS and other factors in 40k.  He sites SinSynn's similar article over at Best Overall about competitive modelling.  Check these two out as they make a lot of sense and provoke a lot of thought for those of us who enjoy painting and converting.

3) Notional-Tourney Hammer vs. Store Hammer- Mike Brandt talks about how reliability plays stronger in a GT setting that min/maxing.  Very interesting thoughts.  Does this mean we are seeing a trend to the "mundane" in list building for tournaments?

4) Back to Basics: Beyond what the Internet says lies the Truth- fester at 3++ writes a great article about going against the interweb grain and settling on playing the game your way, with your style, with your army.  This is a great article that I wholeheartedly agree with.  I am sure the comments will explode with some interesting debate as well.

5) What does our choice of army say about us?- GMort writes up an interesting article about how personality, fluff, and playstyle among other things affect the armies we choose to play.  Very interesting.  Take a look. 

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