Friday, May 6, 2011

Blood Angel Sanguinary take on....Blood Angels

Well, I am back in town from my overnight camp experience with my students.  I was hoping I would be able to get in a good vassal game and I did.  It was crazy! The Vassal dice module is screwy.  I have never seen so many lopsided dice.  I couldn't hit with a melta shot to save my life.  Then again, my opponent couldn't get through 2+ FNP saves. 

Here are the lists:

My new Sanguinary set up


3x priests- 2 jump packs

5 Sanguinary Guard- 2x infernus pistols, fist
5 Sanguinary Guard- 2x infernus pistols, fist
5 Sanguinary Guard- 2x infernus pistols, fist
5 Sanguinary Guard- 2x infernus pistols, fist

Landspeeder- multi-melta/heavy flamer
Landspeeder- multi-melta/heavy flamer

5 Devestators- 4x missiles
5 Devestators- 4x missiles

His list:


3x Furiosos frags/melta/drop pods and magnagrapple

3x DC Dreads with blood talons with drop pods and magnagrapples
5 man sniper scout squad with Missile launcher
15 man death company with powerfist and all bolters
5 man jump assault squad with infernus pistol, meltagun

MM/DCCWHF Dread with drop pod and extra armour

We played sieze ground with 3 objectives and a spearhead deployment.  I won the roll and made my opponent go first.  Again, let me tell you how crazy this game was.  My opponent's pods didn't land well, then I couldn't shoot down his dreads.  And it all went from there.  Check out the pictures turn by turn.

Here you can see our deployment.  I decided to bring on a SG squad to help out Mephiston and the devs.  This didn't pay off all that well as they couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, but nonetheless, here is how started.  Check out my opponent's imitation of a DC flower formation.
My opponent's pods scattered wildly helping me out as many of his frag cannons couldn't land shots well.  Still every dread had melta guns and magna grapples in spades, so I was removing models quickly.  You can see my sanguinary guard and Mephiston in combat with his DC dread because I couldn't get sword off due to his Mephiston hooding it, so that prolonged our battle there. Of course, that wouldn't have had to happen if my SG squad could actually shoot their infernus pistols! Ugh....
Turn 2 saw sustained fire make both dev squads flee.  His furioso came in to fight Mephiston and company and killed off my sanguinary guard.  Mephiston destroyed every weapon on the DC dread (4!) and immobilized it and won the combat, but was stuck in.  In my own turn mephiston blew up the DC dread and since he wasn't in base with the furioso we decided that he could consolidate away and so he took up position on top of the wrecked DC dread.  My landspeeder came in but simply couldn't hit and was later wasted by DC bolter fire.
My opponent flew his Mephiston across the board to get stuck in with mine. His furioso came in as well.  This was a comedy of errors.  In his turn, my opponent got off rage, but not sword.  I got off nothing.  He wounded me once and I failed to wound him back. In my turn, he managed to get preferred enemy and I got a single wound and activated my force weapon.  We took each other out in a poof of psychically charge smoke. The dread was so confused that he immobilized himself consolidating through the dangerous terrain of the wrecked DC dread!  That was simply hilarious.  Meanwhile his other furioso splatted my priest.

On the other side of the board, Dante and crew finally showed up to pop a pod that came down empty on one of the objectives.  The other squad valiantly tried to blow up the other pod but couldn't manage to figure out which way to point their guns.  It was at this point that I knew I have to lead his DC models away from objectives that I wanted to grab in order to win this. 
Out came the sacrificial lambs.  My depleted SG squad (two died from a multi-melta and storm bolters) moved to drag the DC models away from Dante's squad.  They were summarily shot to pieces.  My final squad came on at this time and started chewing up his scouts who came on the previous turn.  They passed moral though. 
In the final turn, Dante moved out should the game go past turn 5.  This is actually the turn when my opponent shot up the small squad.  This gave me the time I needed to get everything else in position.  Dante moved out to possibly sacrifice while his squad and priest moved up to melta the DC dread and the lower squad moved up to destroy the scouts.  The DC dread exploded as planned (finally) and the scouts were shot and assaulted away and we rolled to wrap up the game.  It came down to the fact that 1 DC model was just in range of the lowest objective. This tied the game up.  I had the right objective, he had the top left and the bottom was contested. 

Man this game had a lot of highs and lows.  I am beginning to see this army's strength in objective missions.  It really shines as it can bring down models just about anywhere I want them.  KP missions will be hard for me, but I think I can get a handle on it eventually.

Anyway, my opponent was a great sport.  I really enjoyed our game.  I totally forgot his username, but if you see this and remember this as your game, I would love to see your comments posted. 

So, folks, there you have it.  Another good game.  Almost a win, but I was pleased to get the draw, nonetheless.  This army really is showing some fun capabilities.

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