Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dot Com Review

Today I wanted to give you a quick review of a wonderful website that I found. I have been looking for the apothecary nartheciums for a long time.  I need them for my sanguinary priests.  Try as I may, I couldn't find them anywhere, or I would find them for an insane price.  As you have seen in some previous posts, I decided that my only recourse, to save money, was to build my own nartheciums.  I think my prototype was somewhat decent, but nothing like I wished it would be.

Thus, one day I happened along a little site called Model Bits.  This site is based out of the UK and so may dissuade some US online shoppers, but rest assured, you can buy with confidence.  The service provided from Model Bits is amazing.  The staff at Model Bits has been the only staff to respond directly to an inquiry and did so in a short amount of time.  Their service rivals the War Store.

The best part of about Model Bits is the price!  Even though the prices are in British pounds, the prices are super cheap.  I gladly pay the 2 pound shipping price, which consequently remains the same no matter how many bits you purchase. 

So, check it out.  Take a look at their selection and if you don't see something you need, just send a message.  Matt and the staff will get the bits to you in no time.

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IDICBeer said...

That looks a great site, thanks for sharing, I have book marked it

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