Friday, May 27, 2011

Jump-ish BA take on Necrons

Well, I got in another game with my ever evolving Blood Angel Jump-ish list.  I took the following list:

Libby-jump pack, shield of sanguinius, sanguine sword

3 Sanguinary Priests- 2x jump packs/hand flamer, 1x naked

5 Sanguinary guard- 2x infernus pistol/glaive, 2x angelus bolter/glaive, 1x angelus bolter/fist
5 Sanguinary guard- 2x infernus pistol/glaive, 2x angelus bolter/glaive, 1x angelus bolter/fist
5 Sanguinary guard- 2x infernus pistol/glaive, 2x angelus bolter/glaive, 1x angelus bolter/fist
10 Assault Marines- 2x meltaguns, sarge with powerfist
5 Scouts-4x sniper rifles, 1x missile launcher

Landspeeder- multi-melta/heavy flamer
Landspeeder- multi-melta/heavy flamer

5 Devestators- 4x missile launchers
5 Devestators- 4x missile launchers

My opponent, a really knowledgeable and friendly Necron player, took:

Necron lord Resurrection Orb, Disruption Field
Necron Lord Destroyer Body, warscythe

10 warriors
10 warriors
10 warriors

5 Pariahs

3 Destroyers
3 Destroyers
3 Wraiths

2 Monoliths
Tomb Spyder

Before I get into this, I have to admit, I have never seen someone play Necrons much less looked over their rules much, so I was definitely lacking in Necron knowledge.  Luckily my opponent was obliging and didn't have a problem giving me answers to questions.

We played capture and control (though this was largely ignored for just smashing each other in the face) with spearhead deployment. Let me begin by stating that Necrons really are lacking.  There was very little in his army that could bypass the 2+ armor saves of my sanguinary guard.  My opponent really struggled to cause any real ranged damage to my units.  His best weapons were his high strength shots from his monoliths which I couldn't touch, and his pariahs and lords. 

Dante cursed his destroyer lord, though perhaps I should have cursed the resurrection lord instead.  Either way, this helped me out quite a bit with the D lord anyway. 

Here you can see our deployments. Mine was not great.  I just didn't have a good focus and looking at his massed army made me think coming around the sides would do better.  I totally misplaced my scouts.  I thought about putting them up between the two buildings to prevent an advance there which is what I should have done.  You can see that my opponent was attempting to stay massed for greater res. orb effect as well as the possibility of using the monoliths to teleport units. 

My opponent won the roll to go first and I didn't sieze hoping to use the final turn to snag an objective.
Turn 1 saw my take some wounds to my two deployed sanguinary guard from the lower monolith.  Also, my upper devs took casualties though they stood firm. Notice his destroyer lord turbo-boosted inbetween the buildings, where I should have put my scouts, who as you can see were locked into combat with his wraiths turn 1.  ugh... As per my usual with this army, this turn was about positioning, though my opponent did get too aggressive with his southern destroyers who I was able to assault and kill with my priestless SG squad.   
In turn two, things heated up.  After killing my scouts, the wraiths moved aggressively forward and assaulted my recently victorious SG squad alongside his spyder and scarab swarm (created by the spyder).  The D lord assaults my bottom dev squad along with priest while the other dev squad is shot down to just the sargeant.  He later assaulted into the D lord to add extra attacks.  This combat lasts the whole game with me causing a single wound to the T6 lord while he in return only deals a single wound which, of course, kills my priest.  This takes about 3 player turns of combat though.

In my turn, Dante's crew and the assault squad with priest come in.  Dante's crew infernus pistol two of the northern destroyers while the speeder by that squad tries to block the movement of the monolith there by turbo-boosting to block.  We get in a rules dispute here, but basically my opponent "flies" over my speeder and isn't inhibited by it's movment.  My remaining SG squad combo asssault the wraiths and monolith and despite several S10 and S9 hits can't harm the monolith, though we toast the wraiths.  I lose my priest to wraith attacks when he fails all saves versus only a single wound.   
In turn 3 things really start moving along.  This is where the majority of the action happens.  My opponent assaults my assault squad with his lord and pariahs.  This helps me though as it strings out his army pretty badly.  The assault squad gets chopped up with little in returned attacks, but hold the combat which helps a ton.  I think this is the turn where my devs' priest is finally killed. Otherwise, it is handbags there. My opponent decides to assault my southern SG squad with libby.  I wipe out the spyder and scarabs there with no wounds dealt back. This is key.  My opponent moves his last destroyer to try to shoot and assault my turbo-boosted landspeeder. Nothing happens.

In my turn, everything begins to mass towards the center of the board.  My southern SG squad moves up and combo assaults his two units of warriors there.  My landspeeder move up for flamer support.  The upper speeder flames the destroyer and some warriors helping whittle them down, but has to melta the destroyer to get it off the board.  The SG assault in and win combat big and destroy one the blue unit while the other unit legs it.  Dante and crew start making a run for his objective.  It looks like we will both try to claim each other's objective at this point if something doesn't happen.  It is in my turn that the lord and pariahs finish off the assault squad. 
My opponent pulls some teleporting/WBB shennanigans and heals up the fleeing green squad, but wrongly places them within assault range of Dante's crew.  The black squad is teleported to make a run for my objective.  It is here, that I finally start to lose agains the D lord, but a unit still holds on while my lone sarge flees.  My opponent assaults the libby's squad with pariahs and lord.  It is here where I beat face on the pariahs with massed power weapons and the sanguine sword.  After the first round, we are left with a single pariah and his lord, versus my libby and power fist. 

In my turn, my speeder move up to flame warriors, Dante and company move up to assault the green squad, and the libby prepares to slap some guys down with S10.  The results are predictable.  My lower speeder flames a warrior away which is keey.  Dante and company combined with speeder flames, wipe out the entire green squad through shooting and a decidedly one sided combat.  Then the libby lays down some S10 beatdown and kills the pariah and the lord.  This is where my opponent finally reaches his phaseout number. 
...and fails WBB. That's all she wrote.  His black squad's warrior didn't pass WBB and so he tried to monolith teleport the squad to get reroll which he failed.  This is good because his res. orb lord passed his WBB, so that one warrior flamed away won me the fame.  No need to go for objectives, Necrons wiped out.  Should my opponent have made the roll, I think I would have sent Dant'e squad after his black squad and the libby/fist after an objective. 

This was an interesting fight as I had never fought Necrons, but found them seriously lacking.  I was really worried about the monoliths as I didn't have a way of touching them aside from the libby's S10 and the one chance he had wasn't fruitful.  That's okay because when ignored, they didn't do much damage.  Scatters meant that they rarely were able to get an AP1 wound on anything and I passed the AP3 wounds more often than not.  The rest of the army wasn't that hard either.  The only scary threat he had were the pariahs+ lord which was fairly meaty, but not overly bothersome.  In the end, this was a fun game, but I think when my opponent decided to go towards the three different front that I presented, it spelled doom for the necrons as he just couldn't sustain the army when it was that spread out. 

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