Monday, June 20, 2011

On the Work Table: Blood Angel Sanguinary Guard Army

I decided this weekend to dedicate my time and energy to getting my Sanguinary Guard army on the road to completion.  To that end, I assembled, based, stripped (paint), magnetized, and greenstuffed to my heart's content.  Every model is accounted for, though some still need a bit more assembling (the devestators) and some need to be attached to bases (the rest of the scouts).  Anyway, here is the outcome of my work this weekend. Pardon the crudity of the shots.  I didn't feel like setting up lights, etc. at 8 am this morning.

Here's a group shot.  On the left are the bases for my scouts, the jumpers are in the middle, and the priests and devs are on the right. Speeders are in the back. As you go through the pictures, you will notice the bases I have made using my cheap rock base method that I posted about earlier. 
Here is my assault squad.  I gave every member a set of Death Company legs to bling them up a bit.  You can see some Sanguinary Guard in the background.
Here is one set of Sanguinary Guard. I gave them all swords and this squad all has a winged shoulder pad to differentiate them from the other two squads.
Here is my Chapter Banner squad.  The whole squad has uncovered heads, axes, and winged shoulder pads to differentiate them. I also magnetized the arms of the banner bearer so I can give him a powerfist in the event I don't take the chapter banner.
Final Sanguinary Guard squad.  They have all swords, but no winged shoulder pads.  Every squad has 2 infernus pistols.
Here are Dante and my Librarian. I did quite a bit of greenstuffing on the libby.  Dante is missing his jump pack because I have a Sanguinary Guard jump pack coming for him.  I like the wing look and who better to have it than the chaptermaster himself.
Here are my Sanguinary Priest.  I took three old Black Templar models that I had laying around and used them as the basis for the models.  I cut off and filed away all of the templar markings and greenstuffed some Blood Angel icons on their tabards and shoulder pads.  The two on the left are also getting sanguinary guard  jump packs to keep the sanguinary theme.  The one on the right is my foot priest who will go with the devestators.
Ahhh!  Here are my super cool devestators.  You will noticed that they are devoid of arms, heads, weapons, and backpacks.  I am waiting on a few more pieces before I finish modelling these guys but they will be two squads of 4 missile launchers when I am done.

So there you have my army.  It is coming along nicely.  I will show some more closeup pictures of my greenstuff work in an upcoming post.  I am also thinking about doing a tutorial on DiY shoulder pads.  I have tons of blank shoulderpads collecting in my bits box and this is a great way to repurpose those and add character to them in the mean time.  Let me know what you think. 

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sonsoftaurus said...

Nice - rocket packs and rocket launchers! Should be a fun army.

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