Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shameless Plug!

Well, it is really and truly summer here in Texas, US.  It is hot, I am done with teaching for the school year, and trying to make extra money now that we have a newborn at the house.  So, it's shameless plug time.  I recently picked up a commission job from a gaming buddy of mine.  His son has recently joined the US Air Force and while he is away, my friend wants his son's Warriors of Chaos army painted.  My friend has been into GW games for about a decade and asked if he could pay me with models.  Being the risky venture guy I am, I said sure!  So, I have a crap ton of GW minis to sell off to recoup the costs of the paint job I have to do. 

That's where you come in.  I am hoping I might entice some loyal listeners to investigate purchasing some of my stuff.  Think of it as helping out my newborn son get a college fund going and getting loads of GW minis in return for as little as 40-50% off of retail.  Now that said, before I post what I have, I promise to never do this again.  I am not a big fan of shamelessly plugging my agenda, but it would be a huge help if I could get rid of these models and the prices really are cheap. 

So, here's what I am trying to get rid of.  So far, I am on Bartertown trying to pawn stuff off.  From there I may have to move to fleabay if I can't get things sold in short order. 

Lizardman army- all models assembled and primed unless noted

Oldblood on carnosaur- assembled only
Saurus Army standard bearer- unassembled
2 Skink chief on foot
Skink priest on foot
2 Engine of the Gods (one can be converted to be a steg with blogpipes, giant crossbow, or the mount for a skink chief)
22 blowpipe skinks- painted
21 javelin/shield skinks- painted
Additional skinks on sprues
20 saurus
2 jungle swarms NiB
2 kroxigor
8 Cold One Riders
7 terradons
2 salamanders- handlers painted
2 razordons- handlers painted
10 temple guard on sprues
Custom resin swamp bases for the entire army
Additional bits from sprues (lots!!)

Retail $687.25+. I am asking $400.00 + shipping. That is around 60% of retail. This army contains over 3,000 points worth of models. All models are of the current edition.

Orc Army- Models in a variety of situations from unassembled/NiB to on sprue to assembled and primed

Grimgor Ironhide
Warlord on boar
2 Orc Shamans, 1 is NiB
2 Goblin Shamans, NiB
74 orc boyz
15 orc arrer boyz
30 night goblins with 3 fanatics
Snotling bases NiB
5+ goblin wolf riders (possibly more than 5, but definitely 5 models)
3 boar chariots (2 on sprues, 1 assembled)
8 trolls- painted and based
2 old savage orc board boyz NiB
2 old savage orc arrer boyz
Rock lobber
Collectors Albion Giant Model
Tons of Bits!!!

Retail is $700.25. Since many of the models are older editions, I am asking 50%, which is $350.00 + shipping. This army is around 3,000 points worth of models after upgrades.

Empire Army- models are in a variety of conditions from fully painted, to unassembled and NiB.

Empire general and BSB box set- BSB assembled, mounted general still on sprue
Warrior priest on foot, NIB unassembled
Elector Count Marius Lietdorf, NIB
Elector Count Aldebrand Ludenhof, NIB
Generic Elector Count on horse
Empire Griffon Standard Bearer
Engineer on Clockwork horse- missing right arm, unassembled
2 Engineers on foot
Valten, Champion of Sigmar
Valten, Chosen of Sigmar
2 Priest of Ulric, one mounted/one on foot (can substitute as wizards or warrior priests)
2 Wizards on foot, metal
4 mounted wizards
22 handgunners including 2 hochland long rifles + 12 additional models on sprue
20 state troops new on sprue
36 free company
32 swordsmen
27 flagellants- 10 NIB
13 metal greatswords
2 teutegon guard models
2 mounted knights
2 pistoleers
Converted mortar
Helblaster volley gun NiB
Helblaster volley gun
1-2 cannons on sprue
Tons of bits on sprue!!!

This retails for $701.00+. Again, since many models are older, I am asking around 50% of retail, $350.00+ shipping. This army is a staggering 4,000 points worth of models before upgrades.

Special edition Josef Bugman NiB- asking $20.00 shipped OBO

Special edition Chaos Sorcerer, unassembled w/ tzeentch familiar- asking $20.00 shipped OBO
Metal Skulltaker, stripped of paint and unassembled- asking $15.00 shipped OBO
Al Muktar’s Desert Dogs box set, NIB + 2 Desert Dog Blister NiB- asking $40.00 shipped OBO

So, as you can see, there is a ton of stuff since the job I am doing is quite a big one.  If you have the cash and see an army you like, you won't find a better deal.  If you need pictures or something, let me know as I can snap a few and send them your way.  Please use the "Email Me" link to the right ------>

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