Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thought Provoking Tuesday....Wednesday?!?!

As mentioned earlier, I am trying to cram all of my potential content in the next few days into a day of rapid typing.  As such, I have held off TPT until Wednesday. 

This week's TPT first brings us a series of tournament report articles from Kirby.  He attended Event Horizon with his GK army and won almost! No really, he did very well.  I am linking his coverage to this point.  Stay tuned for more tourney madness! army list and analysisgame 1, tournament results

And what"s this? A truly thought provoking article by Auretius Taak.  He takes a look at Logan Grimnar's High King rule and comes to a very interesting (though I think illegal or at least worthy of a swift punch to the gonads) conclusion.  It's worth a look and the discussion is very robust.

Is it inappropriate to say that I have a blog crush on Ron of FTW?  I love his work and his articles are always detailed and exhaustive.  The guy is a hardcore modeler.  I love it.  Check out this step by step look at how he created an Adeptus Custodes model.

Well, that should be enough to chew on for the time being.  Again, I hope to have TPT back to it's regularly scheduled Tuesday timeslot next week, but exhaustion and baby care needs may win out.  Thanks for reading.

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Krisken said...

Ron is the man, for sure. He tirelessly promotes the hobby while somehow finding time to make excellent conversions. A gentleman and a scholar, no doubt.

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