Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You Got Owned: Series Overview

With my return to blogging post-birth, I thought I would write a series of tactical articles called You Got Owned.  Basically this comes from asking yourself, "How did I lose?"

When we look at it, there are a few places where losing a game originates, the winner and the loser.  Yeah, this is obvious, I know.  But basically a game ends because someone plays better or at the very least plays less badly. A game can be won and a game can be lost.  We will look at why these things happen and how to insure that we learn from our mistakes.  This is something I am learning a lot about right now as I learn the Sanguinary Guard list.

The important lesson in any case where we lose is that we learn from our mistakes and try our best not to repeat them.  Many a good player will tell you, the best lessons are learned from failure.  I totally agree.  Rarely do I sit down and think, man I learned so much, when I stomp an opponent into the ground.

These articles will take us through the very important process of analyzing a game in the aftermath and learning what can be gained from a loss.  I hope you will stick with me and add any comments or ideas along the way.

To centralize access to the articles, I will provide links here for easy perusal.

1) You Got Owned...Because You Didn't Know the Rules, Part 1
2) You Got Owned...Because You Didn't Know the Rules, Part 2
3) You Got Owned...Because You Didn't Have a Plan
4) You Got Owned...Because You Weren't Flexible
5) You Got Owned...Because Your Were Sloppy

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