Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cross analysis- Wyches versus Beastmasters

It has been fun running numbers for these various Dark Eldar units.  So fun in fact, I have decided to continue with it.  Today I am going to show you my findings in regards to whether or not Wyches or Beastmasters are better in combat for the points spent on them.

I decided to try my best to work out what makes a combat effective Wyche unit first and then create a similiarly priced unit of beastmasters.

10 wyches- 2x shardnets,  hektatrix w/venomblade, haywire grenades, raider- 215

Hekatrix- 2 hits, 1.6667 wounds, .555 unsaved wounds
Wyches- 13.5 hits, 4.495 wounds, 1.497 unsaved wounds
Total wounds dealt ~ 2

 5 beastmasters- 4 khymerae, 7 razorwings- 213
@ I6
Beastmasters- 5 hits, 1.665 wounds, .554 unsaved wounds
Khymerae- 8 hits, 2.664 wounds, 1.332 unsaved wounds
Razorwings- 21 hits, 3.5 rends, 3.5 wounds, 1.165 unsaved wounds= 4.665
Total wounds dealt~ 6-7 wounds

So damage output for cost investment goes to the beastmasters. Part of the reason this is so is because of the wyches’ need for a transport to get anywhere safely.  Beastmasters can’t have a transport due to being beasts, but move much more quickly with fleet and a 12” assault move. 

Beastmasters can soak fire much better due to a mixture of 4++ saves, cover, and multiwound models, but if they are wounded by S6+ you lose a lot more compared to wyches.  Wyches have an overall better save in combat and will reduce returned attacks with their shardnets, but lose combat ability much more quickly due to less damage output and more lost attacks per wound dealt.  It is important to also note that the Wyches will have more ranged impact on the battle due to the inclusion of a raider with dark lance in their cost, though.

For this analysis, I didn’t consider the effects of combat drugs as that could possibly alter the effectiveness of the wyches.  Wyches will also be better at deal with vehicles due to their haywire grenades.  This makes them better all-around at dealing with enemy units, but not more combat effective per se. I don't think either unit can take on elite infantry, so they seem to be on a level playing field there.

It seems that unless you really need the incubi for their power weapons, beastmasters are hands down better than other combat units in the DE codex. For their costs, I think beastmasters are a better investment and allow you to bring more anti-tank and anti-infantry in your troop selection in the form of blaster, dark lances, and splinter cannons.  You can also take them in larger numbers which allows you to tie up elite units better.   My new lists are considering beastmaster units as my main assault element while I use my other slots for massed fire support. 

I think next I want to take a look at incubi and see what they can accomplish.  I think they will be devestating in certain situations that beastmasters can't handle. More to come on that.

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