Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New 40k FAQ...and Why I Care

Well, GW has done it again.  They have shocked the gaming world by putting out helpful(ish) much needed documents that help a little.  This time though, they did it in an interesting way.  Let's take a look. 

Item #1, across the board (almost) FAQs have appeared.  In reality, only the Necron codex "needs" any real rules clarification right now as it is the newest codex and thus hasn't had any FAQ/Errata documentation yet.  However, GW decided to work on everything, including things like Apoc and Cities of Death.  That's pretty expansive, though most of the FAQs don't add much.

Item #2, in reference to Item #1, all GW 40k books got an FAQ EXCEPT Black Templars and Tau.  This is interesting because Dark Angels being a similiarly aged book did get an FAQ.  Many sources are citing this as evidence for these two books being updated soon.  That makes total sense too since both are very old, need updating, and why bother FAQing something if it is about to come out anyway. 

Item #3, they answered some interesting and relevant questions, if you own the right codex.  This is where it really matters to me.  I essentially play any power armor army aside from Grey Knights.  Thus, all of my armies were affected in some way (with the exclusion, of course, of Black Templars).  Here are the three minute, but good, rules FAQs that helped my armies out.

1) Blood Angels- Blood Lance autohits.  This is a big deal as Blood Lance just went from hitting 60% (psychic test + to-hit) of the time to 92%(psychic test + autohit).  It is, again, much more reliable, and thus much scarier to those parking lot armies out there.

2) Blood Angels- You can combat squad units in reserve! I exclamate because this was obvious.  The earlier ruling was meant to keep playing from deploying one combat squad and reserving the other combat squad from the same unit.  That was obvious, though, stupid rule-lawyer monkeys loved to argue the point. 

Now combat squadding via deepstrike is a true and relevant threat again.  This, in my opinion, makes Blood Angels scarier again as they can spread out their melta/other special weaponry better. 

3) Space Wolves- Jaws of the World Wolf autohits as well!  Again, an obvious one being that it is essentially a template(straight line) that doesn't scatter. This again bumps it up quite a bit, though with a chooser of the slain, not as much as Blood Lance increased.

So, that's it.  I'm not really interested in Necron FAQ, though from reading blogs it appears that players got their wish in being able to attach multiple court models (from separate courts) to a single unit.  Necrons may just be the most competitive Xenos army out there soon. 

I would love hear other people's comments about what they thought about the FAQs.  Like 'em, hate 'em, don't care?  Let me know.

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