Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gone to Ground meets the 11th Company

If you are into listening to podcasts and 40k, I highly recommend 11th company.  It's a really solid podcast and the guys keep it entertaining and fairly clean, something I really enjoy.  That said, 11th Company is perhaps one of the biggest blogs out there right now in regards to 40k.  I like their perspective on 40k and their coverage of 40k events. 

So, are there other reasons to listen to the 11th Company podcast?  Well, Gone to Ground has made it onto the airpodwaves for a third time (episode 106 this time) to talk about my series of articles on making money off of your old minis.  I was stoked to get the invite and had a great time visiting with Pat. Check out this week's podcast and support both the 11th Company and Gone to Ground.  Thanks!

Linky: 11th Company Episode 106

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Student Teacher said...

Hey, good for you! Couldn't happen to a nicer dude!

Dave said...

Thanks man! I was stoked when they thought to include me. By the way, I'm liking the chaos stuff a whole lot. Keep up the good work.

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