Sunday, March 4, 2012

More Progress: Menoth Vanquisher and Eiryss, Magehunter

I have taken the weekend to get a few more Warmachine models done.  Friday night and some of Saturday were used to lay some paint on a Vanquisher and pEiryss.  I really like these models and am already pondering how to get them into my lists.    Here they are:

Ladies first.  I really like the dynamic pose on Eiryss.  It screams the Matrix to me.  Very cool. 
Her cape is massive! I'm surprised she doesn't trip on it.  Still, the flowing nature of the cape looks sweet and adds to the elogence of the model.
And now the big guy with the big cannon.  I'm excited about having the Vanquisher.  I think he will be a great addition for sorting out infantry problems.
A side view and good look at blazing star his chain weapon. 
Again, I love the look of the steam engines.  You have the front which is all armor plating and veneer and then the real guts of the warjack is in the back.  The Vanquisher even has a temperature/pressure gauge on his steam engine.  I thought that was cool touch. 
And the cannon.  I'm excited to see this guy drop AoEs with impunity.  I think my Vassal is going to be great friends with the Vanquisher. 

That is for now.  The list of unpainted models is getting smaller, but there is still a ton to do.  I am currently working on my Covenant of Menoth.  Just need to finish a bit of basing before I move on.  My next big project is going to be getting a unit of Knights Exemplar together.  They are a super nasty counterattack unit and I'm excited to get them done and on the field. 

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1 comment:

PHiggins81 said...

I agree with you on the pose of Eiryss, very cool.
A nice paint job on both models as well.

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