Thursday, October 21, 2010

Curses! A Battle Report

Man!  I am pretty ticked off.  I was running a great game in Vassal and I got kicked from the server for some odd reason and lost my opponent.  I'm pretty bummed.  This was turning into what looked like a sure victory for the the Valhallan Immortals. 

I have put together a new list for my 6 Dread list, now with added Khan!  Here is what I took:

MotF-pw, pistol, harness
Khan on bike

Ironclad-dccw/heavy flamer, seismic hammer/melta, pod
Ironclad-dccw/heavy flamer, seismic hammer/melta, pod
Ironclad-dccw/heavy flamer, seismic hammer/melta, pod

Rifleman dread
Rifleman dread
Rifleman dread

5 tacs with combi-melta/meltabombs in las/plas razorback
5 tacs with combi-melta/meltabombs in las/plas razorback
Bike squad- bolter, 2x melta, sarge with powerfist, multi-melta attack bike

Multi-melta attack bike
landspeeder-heavy flamer, multimelta
landspeeder-heavy flamer, multimelta

The great thing about Vassal is that people take weird lists because they are free to play.  So, my opponent took

2x farseers both with singing spears, both with runes of 3D6 psychic test, and both with 2 spells a turn, they both had mind war and then had a smattering of fortune and doom.  They rode on bikes.
They were kept company by 8 warlocks with bikes, 4 flamers, 1 embolden, and 1 enhance

To round out the army were 3 units of 10 wriathguard with spiritseers, 3 wraithlords with sword and flamers, and 3 vypers with missile launchers

So, not an optimized list. The game ended in turn three because I lost contact with the server, but was decided in my favor.  We were playing capture and control with pitched battle deployment.  Here is what the game looked like at the top of Turn 3 right before his assault phase:

So, here's a quick recap.  He got turn 1 and took it.

He deployed everything behind his building with the vypers and seer council on the right side of it and the wraithlord on the left side.  I deployed my three riflemen in the central difficult terrain for cover.  My one tac squad sat on their objective while their razorback decided to do some lascannon sniping at wraithlords. 

In turn one he moved up, turboboositng to get cover saves.  The seer council went in-between the right two midfield terrain pieces.  The three vypers moved around the far right midfield terrain piece with one landing in terrain.  My opponent failed the dangerous terrain test and lost the vyper.  An ominous start.  The wraithlord moves west a bit while the wraithguard hunkered down by their objective. 

In  my turn one, I dropped my two ironclads in and you can see where their pods ended up.  Both decided to shoot at the middle vyper doing nothing.  Finally, my green rifleman shot it out of the air despite a 3+ cover save.  The other two dreads were able to kill two of the seer council while the razorback wound the middle wraithlord. 

In turn two, he completely wiffed with his singing spears, but assaulted my ironclad...which he was still in combat with 3 combat phases later.  His dice were crap. He did manage to blow off an arm and immobilize it.  The vyper moved around behind my other ironclad, but missed at point blank range with his missile launcher. His wraithlords moved into cover to avoid getting shot up.

In my turn two, both speeders came on where they are shown above and the bikes moved on.  Everything else moved around to shoot at wraithlords.  My ironclad turned and moved into range to shoot and assault the vyper.  It immobilized the vyper with it's flamer and then blew it up in assault.  Combined shooting put the far left wraithlord down to a wound as well as the middle one.  Again, his council failed to impress managing only to blow off my ironclad's other arm and stun and shake it.  This is good for me because he should blow it up in his turn meaning I get to shoot him in my turn.... excellent.

In turn three.  His stuff begins to move west towards my bikes and speeders which is pointless as I plan on shooting down wraithlords and then getting the heck away from crazy guns that wound on 2+ at AP2.  Most importantly, his seer with fortune fails his psychic test with 6,6,5.  This is where I got kicked, but I am going to imagine what would happen next.....

Imagine a perfect world if you will.  A world where your strategies and plans happen without flaw.
In the assault phase, his council would finally blow up my ironclad freeing me up to shoot him to death in my turn 3.

In turn three, three rifleman dreads, a MotF, an Ironclad, and two pods will open up into a seer council without fortune.  Many will die.  Councils without fortune are wasted points.  If I don't kill them all, the ironclad will assault and tie them up some more if not kill them off.  My speeders and bikes will move into position to shoot down the two wraithlords on 1 wound while conveniently staying out of range of the wraithguard behind.  At this point I would have 1 razorback, 1 attack bike, and 1 pod coming on the board from reserve on a 3+.  Two units should come in statistically.

So, turn 4 rolls around and my opponent will probably start trying to pull out a draw.  1-2 units of wraithguard will pull back towards his home objective.  The other one may try to get into range to shoot something, but you will notice from the picture that even at 12" meltagun range, I can still shoot the farthest left wraithlord without getting into range ofthe wraithguard's guns even if they move 6 inches.  So, he may be aggressive, but I figure probably indecision will hit.  The seer council is in trouble, let's say that they get lucky and destroy my dread and move up to shoot down a rifleman.  If they kill it, they have nothing to assault and will eat more shots from pods, rifleman dreads, and motf.  If they don't destroy it, they have to kill it in assault.  I will by then have spread out my units so they can't be easily multi-assaulted. 

In my turn 4, the third wraithlord will die, the seer council will die and my speeders will move into flame his wraithguard units.  He will probably retailiate and shoot them both down, but they will be weakened enough and tightly enought packed that my bike squad should be able to multi-assault them and destroy them in combat.  Furious charge bikes for the win!  I will add my razorbacks and bikes shooting before I do so. 

Turn 5 is mopping up and pulling out a 2-0 objective win.

....End perfect world scenario.

In the end, his army was severely outmatched.  His wraithguard were doing nothing, his wraithlords would never catch my units, and his seer council had a lot of firepower to contend with after blowing up my ironclad.  Eldar need mech to be somewhat competitive.  This player didn't bring any (unless you really want to count 3 vypers) and he was getting smacked around. It didn't help that Java obviously loved my dice rolls more than his.  2 seers and 6 warlocks should be able to do more than weapon destroy and immobilize a dreadnought, but it was just not happening tonight. 

If only Vassal hadn't failed me.

Let me hear your thoughts about this.  Is my prediction about the fate of his army fairly accurate?  Do you think it could have gone a different way? Any thoughts on my new list and adding khan to add the outflanking element?  Let me hear from you.  Thanks.

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