Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Basing the Space Pups

I am getting closer to having my full Space Wolf army done and wanted a simple basing scheme.  To this end, I have gone with the typical snowy bases.  It's kind of lame, but I currently don't have the money to spend on resin bases (which I prefer), or the time and supplies to work on any real in-depth, high detail bases (which are a headache).  Thus, I have come up with a simple basing scheme.  The upside to this scheme is that it is simple and it contrasts with the color on my models and really makes them pop.  I also have a fairly solid display board that can be used with them, so it seems to be a win all around.  Here is a pick of the army so far.  I also have all of the razorbacks and rhinos done.  I lack 1 cyclone terminator, 2 meltaguns, 2 grey hunters, 1 power weapon grey hunter, 1 landspeeder, touch ups on 10 scouts, and 15 long fangs.  We are close though!

Yes, my thunderwolf cav are riding horses.  I have nicknamed them the "thunderhoof cav".  Remember, the whole army is themed around a Black Templar penitence crusade.

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