Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It hit me yesterday that what I really need with my dread army is some serious threat potential.  It is a small elite force that can be taken apart easily if I don't apply pressure somehow.  Sure, 3 Rifleman Dreads can pump out quite a bit of firepower, but 12 S7 shots won't do it without some kind of in your face combat threat.  My ironclads can be quite a nuisance, but I need something else.  Thus, as I have mentioned, I am going to use more bikes in the list.

Who makes a bike list better?  Khan!  I was initially worried about using him as I thought he wouldn't unlock bikers as troop choices, but he does.  That is great.  So, what do I get? A force that can outflank as long as they have combat tactics to begin with or if they are a dedicated transport.  I also get a bike squad with furious charge and hit-and-run when Khan joins it.  So, I can put only my rifleman dreads on the table, deepstrike my ironclads, and outflank everything else.  This makes it very hard for my opponent to react to threats. 

I think this has a lot of potential.  I will come up with a list to show off later.  It will stick to the overall scheme, though, so we are looking at a MotF, 3 riflemen, 3 podding ironclads, bikes squads, attack bikes, and for now, 2 tac squads in transports.  It should be fun.  I may try out a Vassal run and give the gory details. 

What do you think?  Will Khan work in this capacity? Should I go all bikes and dreads?  I think that is the way the list will go eventually when I get the models.  Anyway, thanks for reading.  I know this is a bit stream of consciousness.

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