Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2 for One

I have been thinking about the idea of target priority.  5th edition has become the mech edition.  Vehicles are perhaps the most prominent part of 40k in this edition, so knowing how to prioritize shooting is helpful.  I have found a good theme to have is, "Shoot until it doesn't work."  This doesn't necessarily mean destroyed.  You just want a vehicle to lose its ability to threaten your army. 

For transports, you want to stun them at least, optimally you will make them explode and cause damage to their crews, but any results that either keep the passengers from getting closer to you or makes them have to walk is preferred. 

For vehicles that are used for their firing capabilities, you want to keep them from shooting.  Luckily almost every result on the vehicle damage table does this.  The best scenarios include destroying their big guns or, once again, blowing them up. 

In a game, you want to figure out which threat is more pressing.  Is it the land raider with full compliment of th/ss terminators?  Is it the vindicator or vendetta?  Prioiritize your shooting.  Shoot at a vehicle until it doesn't accomplish its goal, then move on.  If right out of the gate you score a crew stunned result on a rhino, move on to another target.  It is best to train yourself in the idea that progress is not measured in kills.  Progress, and in this case the tactical advantage, is measure in preventing your opponent's army from doing its job while your's does its own.  You can spend an entire turn's worth of shooting trying to destroy a single vehicle or you could simply keep it from doing its job and move on.  This spreads your fire potential and makes your opponent's overal strategy harder to complete.

Hope that helps.  I know that in my earlier gaming, I would focus fire to destroy targets and would get upset when I didn't make a vehicle explode or wreck.  I have since learned.

Bonus!  I have some really crappy pictures of my Logan Grimnar conversion WiP.  I figured I would go ahead and show them.  I have created Logan using the AoBR Terminator Captain, a WFB High Elf Commander Halberd, and a WFB cloak made to look like a wolf pelt.  I simply cut the hands at the wrists and repositioned them, cut up the storm bolter and wrist mounted it, and then I added some greenstuff to make things look a bit smoother.  It still needs some additional GSing, but it is coming along well.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks.

PS- Does anyone else have trouble uploading more than one picture to their blog posts?  I am starting to think that Stelek was right about how crappy blogger is.  Oh well. 

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