Saturday, October 30, 2010

The pups roll marines

As I have mentioned previously, my local gaming store is throwing an 1,850pt. RTT in two weekends.  I have two goals for this tournament. 

1) Like everyone who pays to play in a competitive event, I want to win my games.  It is going to have 4 games.  I want to win 3 if not all of my games. 

2) I want to get some sort of recognition for painting whether it be best army or player's choice, or whatever they may have. 

I have put together a Space Wolf army centered around the fluff of a Black Tempar penitence crusade. Here is the list I am going use:

Rune priest-chooser, wolf tale talisman, living lightning, jaws of the world wolf

5 scouts with melta, WG with combi-melta/power weapon/meltabombs
5 scouts with melta, WG with combi-melta/power weapon/meltabombs
6 Wolf Guard spread throughout the army

5 grey hunters with melta, WG with power weapon/pistol, riding in TL las razorback
5 grey hunters with melta, WG with power weapon/pistol, riding in TL las razorback
5 grey hunters with melta, WG with power weapon/pistol, riding in TL las razorback
10 grey hunters with 2x melta, Mark of the Wulfen, Wolf standard, power weapon, riding in rhino

1x Thunderwolf cav with thunder hammer/storm shield
1x Thunderwolf cav with wolf claw/storm shield/meltabombs
1x Thunderwolf cav with ccw/storm shield/meltabombs

5 long fangs with 4x missile launchers and WG terminator with cyclone missile launcher
5 long fangs with 4x missile launchers
5 long fangs with 4x missile launchers

The army is painted and based.  I have yet to finish the display board, but it is close.  So, I am now trying to get in practice games.  So far, I have had two.  My first, last week, was against a mech spam IG player. with vets in chimeras, 2 vendettas, a colossus, and two leman russes.  We played capture and control with spearhead deployment.  After a truly bloody battle, I pulled out a draw by about an inch and a half. I wasn't aggressive enough.  I played too conservatively and ended up not getting my stuff across the board to him.

Today, I played my second practice game against a Vanilla Marine gunline army.  We played seize ground with 3 objectives and had dawn of war deployment.  This was a fun game, but my opponent had some very bad early turns and ended up getting beaten pretty badly.  If he had not conceded, I think I would have tabled him in the bottom of the 7th turn.

He took:
Libby-avenger, null zone

2 5 man sternguard squads with 2 lascannons in rhinos
3 10 man tac squads with missile/flamer, 2 had a combi-flamer in them.  All had Tl plasma/las razorbacks
3 landspeeder typhoons
2x TL lascannon/heavy bolter preds
1 Dakka Pred

So lots of shots, but not much combat power.  I had a bit more balanced list, but would have to cross the table under heavy fire. 

I didn't take pictures of the table top until turn 3, even though Vassal has a button for snapshots. Sorry for that.  Next time I will remember to do that.

He took the top half of the table and deployed forward with a missile combat squad in the left forest (see pics below starting with turn 3), a razorback on one side of the central hill in his deployment zone, one on the left, and another missile tac squad in the forest on the right.

I decided to put both a razorback and a rhino on my extreme right flank and rush the objective on that side.

He had the top of turn 1, so I hope for bad night fight rolls and told him good luck. Two speeder, the dakka pred, and a las/bolter pred roll up on my right flank along the board edge to shoot my two tanks.  Next to them the final missile combat squad runs into the forest.  The sternguard squads roll onto the board on either side of the hill with the 3rd tac squad razorback coming in to the left of the hill as well.  On the far left, the other las/bolter pred comes on with the third speeder.  Shooting blew up my razorback killing a guy or two and stunned/destroyed the storm bolter on my rhino.  Not too bad for the heaps of shooting he had. 

I brought my stuff on by putting my thunder hammer and wolf claw twolves on the left flank to go after the missile combat squad camping on the objective.  I put my rune priest and cyclone terminator with long fang squad into the forest on my side.  Two razorbacks moved on in the middle of the board behind the pipes, a fang squad came on behind them, my demeched grey hunters ran into the ruin in my lower right hand corner.  My ccw twolf came onto the board left of the building but moved into cover.  Finally, my last fang squad came in on the right side to start shooting at his right flank artillery.In shooting, I managed to stun his left speeder and shake/stun a smattering of other vehicles. My rhino and two razorbacks popped smoke.

Turn two started and he shuffled stuff around, but mostly tried maintain lines of fire.  His left sternguard squad moved onto the hill to bunker in their rhino.  Shooting did a whole lot of nothing.  This is where his dice completely failed him.   My right rhino got some more shaken results, but was otherwise okay.  About 2/3 of his army shot at the razorback in the middle of my board edge behind the pipes and did nothing.  He either missed or rolled 1s and 2s to pen.  It was pretty terrible. 

In my turn 2, no reserves came in.  So much for early tank popping.  I moved up my thunder cav on the left flank towards the objective camping tacs.  Low run moves allow only my thunderhammer wolf to get into them during assault.  He beat them and sent them running.  The fangs with the terminator took the typhoon launcher off of the left speeder.  In the middle my shooting managed to pop the razorback to the left of the hill disgorging its contents and perhaps killing a model.  On the right, my rhino brazenly moved onto the right objective to camp until next turn.  My right fang squad and right most razorback managed to stun and shake his two speeders over there keeping them from adding to the fire heaped upon my rhino. Here is the game as it stood at the beginning of turn 3.

Turn 3 started out with the left pred taking out my thunderhammer twolf in a flashy array of bolter shots and lascannon fire.  He moved his speeders to prevent them from being destroyed, and I think he killed a long fang or two on my right flank, but otherwise did very little.  This was yet another turn of his dice crapping on him.

In my turn, I began to open things up.  Both scouts came on.  I rolled a 2 for board edge for one squad and came on near his right pred bunker.  I rolled a 1 for the other squad and they came on near his 3rd pred.  I got the two stastically lowest outcomes and still manage to do the right thing.   Both scouts proceeded to pop a pred apiece.  My center shooting took out the sternguard rhino on the hill, pinning the squad.  My grey hunters in the rhino hopped out and meltagunned the other sternguard squad's rhino, but managed to roll double 1s for the assault through difficult terrain and end up staying put.  My wolf claw twolf moved up to get into assault range for next turn while my ccw twolf assaulted the libby's razorback doing nothing to it. 

In turn 4 he tried to scrape things back.  The running tac squad on the left finally ran off the board escorted by my scouts. The speeder killed two of them for their trouble.   His central speeder tried to assassinate my twolf after the libby cast null zone.  He only did 1 wound.  His hilltop sternguard managed to immobilize my right razorback. The libby's squad got out of its razorback and the sternies, missile tac squad in the woods, and the libby's squad all shot at my grey hunters.  Sum result, 5 dead grey hunters who pass their morale.  The dakka pred took out all of my right scout squad except for the wolf guard and the melta.  The right speeder shot down my remaining two long fangs. 

In my turn, my surviving grey hunters' rhino moved up to contest the objective it is near and box in the libby and his squad.  My grey hunters shot at them kill 2-3 causing a morale test that they fail.  Being boxed in, they all died on the spot.  Nice.  The depleted grey hunter squad from the beginning of the game moved up tentatively to try and handle the speeder there.  My scouts in the upper right hand corner took out the dakka pred.  My CCW twolf assaulted the sternies killing 1 only to be killed for his trouble.  Middle of the board shooting accounted for a dead speeder, and several dead marines from the two combat squads in the ruin on the middle left side of my opponent's side.  The wolf claw twolf assaulted the razorback only managing to immobilize and shake it.  My scouts tried to shoot down the speeder, but couldn't.  They then assault only to wiff. 

Getting desperate to kill my last twolf, he unloaded the razorback and moved up all of his remaining tac marines.  They unloaded doing only a single wound to him.  The speeder moveed and shot at my scouts missing them.  The sternies and missile tac squad in the upper right hand piled in more shots and wiped out my grey hunter squad near the objective. 

I responded by opening up big again.  My twolf assaulted the tac squad near the objective on the left killing all but the sargeant who held and passed 4 fearless wounds.  My scouts managed to miss the speeder with shooting, but immobilize it in assault.  My center fire opened up big again killing the left side razorback, a couple of tac marines, and half the right sternguard unit.  All pass moral though.  Finally, my grey hunters on the right side managed to immobilize and shake his speeder. 

We roll and end up playing turn six, though my opponent wants to quit.  I reminded him that he had a chance to win if he could shift my twolf and my rhino from the objectives they are holding.  In response, he moved all of his left side tac marines in to assault with the twolf.  They all wiffed and I killed two, winning and sending two squads running.  The lone sargeant from last combat stayed around though.  My scouts on that side lost a couple of guys to his speeder.  His missile tac squad on the left moved up to get near the objective with my rhino while the sternguard blew it up.  The tacs then ran onto the objective now also in difficult terrain. 

In my turn, I realized that I need to get rid of those tacs and sternies.  My grey hunters abandoned trying to attack the speeder and moved towards the tac squad on the objective.  They shot and assaulted the marines, killing them to a man, but I lost all but my wolf guard.  My middle shooting killed all of the right most sternguard with the help of my scouts via shooting while my terminator/priest long fang squad opened up on the other sternguard squad and shot it down to 2 marines who pass morale.  My thunderwolf finally killed the sargeant in combat with him and consolidated to walk the fleeing tac marines off the board.  The scouts finally blew up the speeder over there.

We rolled for the 7th turn and got it.

My opponent valiantly tried to shoot something but managed to only blow up a razorback sitting on my objective.  The grey hunters left behind passed all of their tests.  At this point he called it. 

This was a great game and showed me that being aggressive can pay off more.  I tend to be more defensive, but putting the rhino, scouts, and twolves into my opponent's face really put him on the back foot. Combined with abismal rolls in turns 2 and 3, this game quickly became an uphill battle for him.  In the end, I think this army will look good on the table and play well enough to give me a decent chance to win some.

Please leave comments and let me know what you think.  Thanks for reading.

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