Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why Space Wolves are so great

So why are Space Wolves the premiere marine army right now?  I may not be the the razor whit or tactical genius that many of the prominent bloggers out there are, but I know what's good and why.  So, let me see if I can put together a top ten list of why Space Wolves are indeed so good.

10) Character- I know this isn't a game play piece, but Space Wolves have one of the most characterful codexes out there.  I love the rules that allow only one combination of wargear per army per character.  You feel like you are making a truly powerful and epic army when you build a Space Wolf list.
9)  Special Characters- Sure, many of them are probably overpriced and underperform, but Logan, Njal, and Ragnar are beastly.  Incorporate into the picture their ability to buff your army and you are looking at some of the best special characters of any codex bar Vulkan and Eldrad. 
8) Wolf Scouts- These guys really should be higher, but scouts that can take a meltagun and can have a wolf guard with them with combi-melta and other tank popping good is great.  Added to that, on a 3+ they come on any board edge including your opponent's back edge, and they are the ultimate tank killer.  Oh yeah, give them marine stats so that they are shooting and hitting better than regular scouts as well.
7) Grey hunters/Cheap Special Weapons- Having a unit of marines, that come with bolters, bolt pistols, and chainswords is cool.  Make them cheaper than a regular marine, and allow them to take a special weapon with every 5 models and you have a great utility unit.  Double meltas in a rhino with the other upgrades like wolf standard and mark of the wulfen is brutal. 
6) Rune Priests- Having psychic abilities like living lightning, jaws of the world wolf, and murderous hurricane make this guy worth taking.  Then you had to that the fact that he nullifies all psychic powers within 24" on a 4+, and you have a model that is truly head and shoulders above all other psychers.
5) Thunderwolves- Yes they are expensive both monetarily, and points-wise, but man I love these guys. Having a true T and S of 5 means these guys can take a ton of punishment and still come out on top.  Add a stormshield and some sort of power weapon and you have a powerhouse unit.  They are perhaps one of the most epic models in the game.
4) Razorspam- I know this is a contentious topic, but I come from a background in WFB where MSU is a valid playstyle.  Furthermore, until Dark Elves got a new armybook in the 7th edition, MSU/shooty was the only way to play Dark Elves.  Space Wolves do MSU very well.
3) Counter Attack Army Wide- The fact that my models can wait for you to get close, double tap you with bolters, then let you assault only to get the same amount of attacks as if I assaulted is beautiful.  It means we can cause a lot of damage to you before you assault in, perhaps making you think twice about actually assaulting.  This can halt an entire gameplan.  Combine this with razorspam and you have a very strong army.
2) Wolf Guard- The ability to take highly specialized sargeant models who can be put into any infantry squad builds in a ton of flexibility.  Having sargeants that can be added to scouts to add melta shots and power weapons is even more insane.  Wait, add Logan and you can have an entire army of scoring sargeant models!  Love it.
1) Long Fangs-  Enough said.  When I can spam missile shots all over the board, life is great.  Missile launchers are truly dualistic weapons.  Not only can they easily pop most armor, they can also wipe out whole squads in a large enough volume.  And, they are cheaper than any other marine devastator squad.  I love my long fangs.

Space Wolves seem to have an endless bag of tricks.  The more you play them, the more you learn about them.  They are a very diverse army that can do assaulty, shooty, mech, foot, or hybrid.  Space Wolve are a great swiss army knife codex.


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