Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh what to do??

So, I am in a bit of limbo.  We are getting towards the holiday season and school is crazy right now.  So, I need a bit of information from you guys.  I am looking for what I can do next.  Do you want something hobby related?  I have done a ton of converting and have some pieces coming in to show how I convert my thunderhoof cavalry models.  I also have been contemplating what a Logan Wing army might look like.  Finally, I have thought about doing a comparison of Vanilla Devs, BA Devs, and Long Fangs.  So, what sounds like the most fun? You vote.

1) Conversion article on thunderhoof cavalry (counts as thunderwolf cav only on a horse).

2) My thoughts on Logan Wing and what my list might look like.

3) Dev/BA Dev/Long Fang comparison.

Comment and tell me what you want I and I will oblige.  Thanks.


IDICBeer said...

I would like to see number 2 and 3 please


Dave said...

Noted. Thanks!

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