Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wolves take on the greater good

I got in another game tonight, hopefully on the eve of my Space Wolves' first tourney appearance.  I played an 1,850pt. Tau army.  I took my usual:

Rune priest- chooser, lightning, jaws

5 scouts- melta
5 scouts- melta
6 wolf guard- 3x power weapon/pistol, 2x power weapon/combi-melta/meltabombs, 1x terminator with cyclone missile launcher.

5 grey hunters- melta, TL lascannon razorback
5 grey hunters- melta, TL lascannon razorback
5 grey hunters- melta, TL lascannon razorback
10 grey hunters- 2x melta, wolf standard, mark of the wulfen, power weapon, rhino

thunderwolf cav- thunder hammer/storm shield
thunderwolf cav- wolf claw/ storm shield/meltabombs
thunderwolf cav- ccw/ storm shield/meltabombs

5 long fangs- 4x missiles
5 long fangs- 4x missiles
5 long fangs- 4x missiles

He took:

Shas'el with missile pod and plasma rifle

3 crisis suits with missile pods and plasma rifles
3 crisis suits with missile pods and plasma rifles
3 crisis suits with missile pods and plasma rifles

6 fire warriors
10/2 kroot/hounds
10/3 kroot/hounds

8 pathfinders- markerlights/carbines
2x piranhas- fusion, drones

3 broadsides- 2x drones
2 broadsides- 1x drone
Hammerhead- railgun

So this game was short and sweet.  We only got in 3 turns before my opponent had to bail.  We played seize ground and dawn of war. My opponent got first turn.

He started with his two kroot units and shas'el bunkering around the upper lefthand ruin.  I deployed my rhino on the right of the hill at the 12" line.  In his turn, his stuff move on with the 5 broadsides, 3 crisis suits and pathfinders coming onto the board by the ruins.  His hammerheard came left of them and the devilfish stopped long enough to pick up firewarriors.  The other 6 crisis suits (2 units) stayed near the impassable gas tank the whole time.  They only manage to immobilize a razorback.  I won't speak of them again.

My rhino survived the first turn of shooting unscathed.  In my turn, I brought on everything as it looks below. The only difference is that the rhino should have still been there with 10 guys inside.

So after my opponent moved on turn 2 his army looked like so.  In his shooting phase, he managed to blow up my rhino after it was markerlighted.  That killed 2 grey hunters.  He also immobilized my far left razorback and killed the squad leader and a missile launcher from the long fang squad.

In retaliation, I was able to slip past his hammerhead's disruption pods causing it to explode.  I was also able to focus fire into the piranhas wrecking them both, but not before they disembarked their drones. My true stroke of genius came in the form of a unit of scouts.  They came on to the table in a nice little gap in between his black kroot squad and his 3 man broadsides.  They missed with all of their shots, but multi-assaulted the broadsides and kroot killing 5 kroot and a shield drone.  They lost 2 of their number to the kroot.  In the end, both squads failed the morale test and were run down in a sweeping advance. This turn drastically altered the course of the game.  I was also able to stun his devilfish keeping it from helping next turn.

In turn 3, my opponent pumped almost all of his shooting on the right side into the wolf scouts.  They died to a man, left my opponent with very little to shoot at the bulk of my army. He did manage to kill my ccw/storm shield thunderwolf and shake the razorback on the hill.

In my turn, smelling blood, I moved my grey hunters and both thunderwolves up aggressively.  My second scout unit came on and marched along the back table edge towards the pathfinder squad. I tank shocked the lone piranha drone and caused it to flee. It's buddy died to a dangerous terrain test. The other two drones were living lightning-ed out of the air.  I also managed to stun and shake the devilfish again while his cowardly crisis suits watch from behind cover. 

I assault his kroot and shas'el with my two thunderwolves and his pathfinders with my wolf scouts.  The wolf scouts killed two pathfinders for no losses causing them to flee the board while I consolidated into the ruins.  My thunderwolves wiffed big time killing only a single kroot between them while my wolf claw thunderwolf took a wound, tying the combat. I realized later that I didn't determine if I was going to reroll hits or wounds.  Silly me.  I should have done that and I would have bagged a shas'el and the remaining kroot.

This is where my opponent called it. He apparently had run out of time.  I forsee that my opponent would have lost his shas'el and kroot in the next round of combat while his crisis suits and broadsides would desperately try to whittle down my units.  I would have claimed my home objective and sent my pedestrian grey hunters toward the extreme right objective while my forward razorback would have gone for the objective in the forest. Alas, things ended there.  My opponent was unfamiliar with some of the rules for Wolves and I have never played Tau, but understand why they fold like a deck of cards if you can close with them.  That assault into the broadsides and kroot was brutal for my opponent. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed the write-up.  I would appreciate your comments and criticism/thought.  Thanks!

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