Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shameless Attempt at getting comments #1

So, I would love to hear from the people reading my blog.  Thus, I am going to start throwing up some statements and ask you to support or refute them.  Try to be coherent with your responses.  Thanks!

Codex: Space Marine lists should not be assault oriented. It is a waste.

Discuss.  What do you think?


GDMNW said...

Does this take me back to school or what? I remember the days. Your teacher would ask you a yes/no question and then write the word discuss after it.

For some reason this meant that you must now write three hundred words where anyone could plainly see that one would suffice. Once you have written it they would then, in red pen no less, tell you to be more concise or terse or focused.


Space Marines can be assault oriented. They're pretty good at it as it happens. The hammershield terminator unit is probably one of the best cc units in the game. Especially as you can spice it up with a few lightning claws and a librarian with null zone.

Ah, null zone. Bane of any overpowered storm-shield toting maniac!

Named Character
10 TH/SS Terminators
5 TH/SS Terminators in Crusader
5 Scouts x 3 or 4
Devs, Preds or Vindies.

Sound ok?

It may not be the most effective C:SM build but it's certainly workable.

Pat said...

who else can get Thunder hammer stormshield termmies that fleet or potentially outflank?

Dave said...

How about the fact that our bread and butter, tac marines, don't hold a candle to most CC units, but they do have an excellent array of ranged weaponry including transports that can tote great weapons like lascannons and TL plasmaguns?

What about sternguard, rifleman dreads, it just seems like the army trends towards being a shooty army with some resiliency built in.

Also, compare to other assault oriented armies: BA, BT, etc. These armies have troop choices that can fight well and are scoring to boot. Then combine such things as furious charge assault teriminators or FNP assault squads and it would seem that Codex Marines really don't cut the mustard.

TH/SS Termies are great, but do they make an assaulty army?

@GDMNW. I love playing devil's advocate. ;)

GDMNW said...

Who would have thought it eh?

Dave said...

To provide a more coherent argument, I don't think having TH/SS terminators (fleeting or not) makes an assault army. I think Codex marines have a pretty standard jack-of-all-trades army, but if it were to lean one way or another, I think it would lean towards shooting. The only other real assault units we have are crappy or super expensive and thus points prohibitive in most cases. Torrents of fire make Marines a nasty army.

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