Saturday, December 4, 2010

Space Wolf Stealth Cheese

I have been reading Stelek, and really liked his idea on using the FAQ rules for IC's with stealth.  Basically, he states that it is smart to make a unit that is durable, has the ability to torrent fire, and that can kick butt in the assault phase and give them a character with Saga of the Hunter so that they get the stealth benefit to their cover saves.  The new FAQ states that an IC with stealth confers it to it's entire unit.  I decided to run with this idea and build an army around that unit.  Here is the list.  Tell me what you think.

Stealth Cheese Space Wolves

Rune Priest- living lightning, murderous hurricane, chooser- 110pt.
Wolf Guard Battle Leader- storm bolter, wolf claw, saga of the hunter, wolftooth necklace- 138pt.

7 Wolf Guard- 4 with storm bolter, chainsword
                       2 with terminator armor, storm bolter, wolf claw
                       1 with terminator armor, storm bolter, power sword, cyclone missile launcher- 228
Wolf scouts- meltagun, power weapon- 100pt.
Wolf scouts- meltagun, power weapon- 100pt.

10 Grey hunters- 2x melta, wulfen, wolf standard, power weapon, rhino- 215pt.
5 grey hunters- melta, power weapon, TL plasma/lascannon razorback- 170pt.
5 grey hunters- melta, power weapon, TL plasma/lascannon razorback- 170pt.
5 grey hunters- melta, power weapon, TL plasma/lascannon razorback- 170pt.

2 Thunderwolf Cav- powerfist/storm shield, ccw/pistol- 155pt.
2 Thunderwolf Cav- thunder hammer/storm shield, ccw/pistol- 160pt.

6 Long fangs- 5x missiles- 140pt.
6 Long fangs- 5x missiles- 140pt.

65 models

So, what's the big idea?  This is a fairly standard wolf list except for the wolf guard.  We aren't splitting off any wolf guard.  The unit stays intact and takes on both characters. It then advances up the board using cover and the stealth rule to gain 3+ cover to augment it's armor saves.  On top of that it gets 16 storm bolter shots, 2 cyclone missile shots, and living lightning when it shoots at full strength.  The idea would bet to get it to midfield ASAP and stay in cover.  Your opponent would be stupid not to pump as much fire as possible into this unit.  If he decided to assault it, he has to wade through (assuming counter attack is passed) 4 S4 I5 wolf claw attacks, 4 S4 I4 force weapon attacks, 6 S4 I4 wolf claw attacks, 3 S4 I4 power sword attacks, and 12 S4 I4 chainsword attacks.  All told, that is 17 power weapon and 12 regular attacks. 

This is where we play a game of sleight of hand.  While your opponent is focused on the "stealth bomb", your razorbacks, wolf scouts, and long fangs are opening up transports and your rhino and thunderwolf cav are rushing across the table.  I muscled up the thunderwolf cav to 2 models per unit to build in some durability.  Pressure from all sides. 

So here's the challenge.  Who is willing to try this out for me?  I will try it out at some point, but until I can (many real world obligations right now) I would love to get some feedback from my readers.  Also, let me know what you think about the list's construction.  Is it far off?  The only real thing I think might change is to drop murderous hurricane on the priest in favor of storm caller to get a 4+ on the wolf guard unit until it finds cover to sit in.


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