Sunday, December 5, 2010

The itch...., not that itch.

As you all know, when you play Warhammer of any type for any amount of time, you usually don't stick to just one army.  You eventually get the itch.  You either see the newest army off the line, or see an army that speaks to you tactically and fluff-wise. 

I have collected and played 5 WFB armies, selling all but my Dark Elves and now I have a large-ish (3-4K) army of space marines that I am using to play as many of the Marine Codices are possible.  I tell myself that Marines will be my last army ever and I have stuck with that.  Unfortunately for my wallet, I have also decided to continue to purchase the odd model or so to add to my army.  It continues now.

Since my most current version of my Vanilla Marines army, the Valhallan Immortals, has metamorphasized from tac squads in rhinos and razorbacks with odd bits of support to, now, a 6 dread/biker army, I have decided that the only logical conclusions would be to also have the ability to run a biker army!  My current project is to collect the pieces and bitz needed to do this.  I have 2 full bikers squads with attack bikes, another attack bike, a captain, and a MotF on bike, so my next goal is to put together the ever feared biker command squad.  I am going to run the interweb TM standard command squad.  It looks like this:

Command squad- bikes, 3x meltagun/lightning claw/storm shield, powerfist/storm shield, apothecary

These guys will run around and scare stuff and cause damage.  I hear that they are quite effective.  Currently, my plans are to run only one as I already have the captain and I want to convert up a librarian on bike to go in the army as well. 

What are your thoughts are all biker armies?  I hear they are viable at higher points levels.  Anyone have experience with them?  I may not go full-on biker.  I may add in a cheap dreadnought or some speeders to help out.  Give me your input.  Am I crazy? 

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