Monday, December 6, 2010

WAAC is not competitive....something to remember

Sandwyrm over at the back 40K wrote a great article about the difference between WAAC and competitive players.  It's a true gem.  You can see it here.

The basic premise is that competitive players are not WAAC players.  If you equate the two, then you aren't clear on what they are.

I can testify to this with my own local gaming group.  I started the hobby playing WFB and due to my gaming group have become quite adept at the game.  It has been through playing very hard armies and well versed opponents that I have become a good player myself.  

The bottom line: Competitive players are good for the game.  They know the rules and hold others accountable for them as well.  They use real tactics and win by sheer ability, many often times winning with sub-optimal lists.  They crave to become better and so they seek out tough opponents.  They are generally respectful, but even when rough around the edges show a love for the game and respect for their opponents. 

If you base your gaming experience on your ability to win, play competitive players.  You will start out frustrated because they will outplay you and you will end up losing quite often, but when the dust settles, you will find that you are a better, more competent player yourself. 

Again proof of this comes from my own experience.  In Dallas, there is a major Indy GT for Fantasy called the Lonewolf. After playing with my gaming group, I have been able to play my way to the top 20% of the pack in most years and even won 2nd overall.  This tournament routinely runs around 100 players. I owe it to the training I received through routine butt kickings from my local gaming group.

So, my advice is go find some competitive players to watch, discuss the game, and play against.  You will find that you desire to play 40K will increase and that you will ultimately be better in the hobby and game for it. 

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War Tales said...

Thats quite true.After all "We learn only by our own defeats."

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