Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Live Long and Prosper... Making Vulkan

Yesterday in North Texas it snowed, it sleeted, and the temps dropped to below freezing.  Due to this, I have gotten to stay home for two days from work.  I might have another day off tomorrow.  To this end, I decided yesterday to throw together a Vulkan list. If you have read my blog before, you know that I like dreadnoughts...a lot.  I have been trying to put together a dread heavy list for some time now.  Last night I found a list that has proven truly fun to play and that fulfills my requisites for a dread list.  You can see it here: Vulkan Ain't No Joke.  So, I played the list on Vassal and I loved it.  I was just missing one element that would allow me to play this army on the table top.  Vulkan.  I have the MotF, the terminators, the dreads, and even the other bits and bobs needed to make the list, but alas the big guy, himself, I don't own. 

Well, when there are temporary rolling black outs, the temp is in the teens, and your heater is laboring rather uselessly to make the house warm, you have plenty of time to apply some creative handiwork to Warhammer.  So, I went about making Vulkan. What I am about to show you is currently very WiP.  I need to clean up a lot of details, but he is looking very similar to the GW model and at least won't be mistaken for something else. 

Here he is, so far:

Here's the run down of how I made him. 
The body:
- Assault marine running legs
- Normal Marine torso
- Gorget made from greenstuff and plasticard
- Loincloth taken from terminator sprue
- Head from normal marines with greenstuff head crest
Right arm and Spear of Vulkan
- Power axe arm from assault marine sprue trimmed down to just the handle
- Regular blank shoulder pad
- Chainsword motor housing
- Power sword blade trimmed down to fit over the motor housing
- Brass rod for spear shaft
- Power axe pommel from assault marine sprue
- Purity seal from ....
Left arm and Gauntlet of the Forge
- Powerfist arm with closed fist from terminator sprue
- Flamer head shaved from normal flamer
- Hose from dreadnought heavy flamer
- Greenstuff should pad
- Shaved down terminator codpiece overlaying the shoulder pad
- Power pack with iron halo from the commander sprue
- Cape from WFB chaos warrior sprue with loads of greenstuff on it. 
- Terminator base
- Plasticard moon crater mold with green stuff to cover and connect to base

So, that is it.  I will need to trim, file, and sand some stuff down before priming and painting, but he looks somewhat decent.  Give me your thoughts, internet readers.  I seek input.


SAJ said...

Very nice work...makes me want to launch into my own Vulkan conversion.
Like you mention in your previous post, Vulkan brings a lot to the table...the more I consider other options in the Marine dex, the more it seems that Vulkan is the top choice. Most bang for your buck

Dave said...

I totally agree. Vulkan is point for point, pound for pound the best SC we have. Not only is he deadly on his own, he makes the army more deadly as well.

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