Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blood Angels, Sternguard Style

Being the weirdo I am, I have been cruising my stats page quite a bit often and I have noticed something.  For the past few weeks, people have come to my site after looking up Blood Angel Sternguard lists.  Weird, I haven't posted a single sternguard theme BA list yet.

 I did a Rhino rush list that contained 3 units of 5 sternguard, but nothing sternguard themed.  The reason being that I don't think sternguard aren't a very good fit for a Blood Angel list.  The army is combat/assault theme, not shooting themed. It can shoot and shoot well if needed but I don't think that is an efficient use of points.

All of that aside, I decided to go ahead and post a list that utilizes sternguard because after all, sternguard are beautiful models.  I love the poses and armor decoration.  So, being that this is a fluff/competitive blog, I figured I would try to find a way to get some sternguard into the army in an efficient way. 

Here it is:

Librarian- shield, lance

2 Sanguinary Priests- hand flamers
10 Sternguard- 2x heavy flamers, 4x combi-meltas, drop pod
10 Sternguard- 2x heavy flamers, 4x combi-meltas, drop pod

5 man Assault Squad- meltagun, sarge with hand flamer, drop pod
5 man Assault Squad- meltagun, las/plas razorback
5 man Assault Squad- meltagun, las/plas razorback
5 man Assault Squad- meltagun, las/plas razorback
5 man Assault Squad- meltagun, las/plas razorback

5 Devestators- 4x missile launchers, las/plas razorback
5 Devestators- 4x missile launchers

How does this work? 

I have always envisioned Blood Angels as an in-your-face type of army.  That is another reason why shooty elements aren't in line with the overall feel of the list.  So, how do you use a ranged unit in an assault army?  You get them in your opponents' faces quickly. 

The two 10 man squads of Sternguard are meant to get into the enemy's lines, crack armor, and barbeque infantry.  Thus, the drop pods.

Everyone knows the secret to drop pods is to get enough pods in your list to get your desired pods onto the table turn 1.  That is why I added a third pod to the assault squad.  This gives me options.  If I can choose who gets turn 1, I can have my opponent in position to drop in an strike hard the first turn. If they try any reserve shenanigans, I have the option of sending either assault squad and a sternguard unit or just their pods somewhere on the table and waiting them out. 

I set the sternguard up in 10 man squads to get them to combat squad upon touching down.  This allows me to cluster the combi-meltas into one squad and the heavy flamers into the other.  CS1 pops the armor, CS2 flames the snot out of the infantry inside.  I also have the option of rationing my melta shots to to take out additional armor the next turn, though hopefully by then, my razorback spam will have crossed the field. 

An opponent simply can't ignore 20 Sternguard in their backfield, but the can't ignore the row of AV11 vehicles rushing in lobbing lascannon and plasma shots at them.  This always puts the opponent in a rough place.  Try to take out the onrushing razorbacks or take out the sternguard.  They can try to take out one element at the expense of having the other do major damage or they can try to split fire and water down their attempts to take out either. 


This is what you want.  Eventually an opponent will make a mistake and then they fall apart.

That is how the sternies work.  The rest of the crew rushes forward while the devestators and razorbacks  throw out high strength shots.  I gave an additional razorback to the devestator squad so that the 5th assault squad can jump in and ride across the field instead of dropping in their pod.

The priests and librarian will ride with the assault squads unless I see an element that might threaten my devestators.  If that is the case, I will deploy one with them.

The stats:
4 lascannons
4 TL plasma guns
8 missile launchers
1 heavy bolter
5 meltas
8 combi-meltas
4 heavy flamers
3 hand flamers

66 marines in 9 squads with 3 pods and 5 razorbacks.  All for 2,000pt. 

So, is anyone willing to try this out for me?  I think it stands a good chance of causing some real headaches for opponents. 

Sternguard themed list added.  Enjoy!


TheGraveMind said...

I've used Sternguard occasionally. It's normally somthing like 5-6 sternguard in a droppod with a beacon, striking midfield while my storm raven turboboosts up. Gives me a good jumping ground for the rest of my army to rally to/from. I add in a priest with combi-plas and LC if I can, to help them out. or just add powerfist to the sarge.

Dave said...

That sounds cool. Would you mind posting your list in a comment? I would love to compare the two. Maybe we can get some comments as to the tactical merits of both.

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