Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Taking on the Stormpige....raven

As I switch gears from working on one client's Warhammer Fantasy army to some 40k based stuff, my largest task is to construct and paint one of the new storm budgies.  The friend I am working on this for wants the model to be customizable, so I am working on getting the model magnetized.  As the model develops, I will continue to add pictures.  Right now, I am working on the main body of the ship.  My client would like the model's front hatch to open and for the inside to be painted, so right now, I have the flooring and walls constructed.  I will prime this portion and paint the inside while I construct other portions of the model.  Then when I am done there I will put her all the way together before painting the entire rest of the model.  It should be quite a task.  Here is what it looks like so far.

Here you can see the duct metal plate that I cut and glued into the entries on both sides.  Luckily, the ports are far enough back in the hull that a person looking into the open hatch at the front won't notice them. 

Here is an outside view of the entryways.  You can
see the metal plate is nice and flush.

Here you can see the magnet placement on both the doors and the hurricane sponson.  You have to use some very thin magnets so that the sponsons and doors will stick flushly into their housing.

Here is the magnetized hurricane bolter sponson as it sits in its housing against the hull of the ship.

And the door.  Nice and flush.  Thus, if the hurricane bolter sponson is needed, the pieces can
be easily swapped out. 

The next installment should hopefully show the inside painted and moving on to complete construction of the storm raven. 

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