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Grey Knights- Gone to Ground Style

They are everywhere, purging the daemon, traitor, and heretic alike.  The Grey Knights have arrived, well almost.  I even got to play a Grey Knight list that utilized the new codex.  I have looked at a copy of the codex and let me tell you, the shiny new codex syndrome is tugging on me quite a bit.  The coolest thing is that Grey Knights are a very formidable, elite force.  They also have access to lots of MC style vehicles like Dreadnoughts and Nemesis Dreadknights. 

After having taken a look at the codex, I like the idea of a very small elite force that can hit hard, shoot well, and control large portions of the board through scoring units.  So, here is a quick look at my take on a somewhat fun Grey Knight force using the new rules and an exclusively Knight force. The discussion of how it works and what it does will follow.

Grandmaster- MC NF Sword, incinerator, psychotroke and rad grenades, digital weapons- 230pt.
Librarian- NF Sword, 3x servo skulls, Quicksilver, Might of Titan, Sanctuary, Shrouding, Warp Rift- 190pt.

Ven Dred- 2x TL Autocannon, Psybolt Ammo-195pt.
Ven Dred- 2x TL Autocannon, Psybolt Ammo-195pt.

5 GK Terminators- psycannon, 2x halberd, 1x MC hammer- 230pt.
5 GK Terminators- psycannon, 2x halberd, 1x MC hammer- 230pt.
5 GK Terminators- psycannon, 2x halberd, 1x MC hammer- 230pt.
5 GK Terminators- psycannon, 2x halberd, 1x MC hammer- 230pt.

Dreadnought- 2x TL Autocannon, Psybolt Ammo- 135pt.
Dreadnought- 2x TL Autocannon, Psybolt Ammo- 135pt.

2,000pt on the dot.

What does this army have?

Many of the articles have said that it is ludicrous to try to crowbar in both a GM and a Libby, but I think the two can work together to put out quite a bit of potential for this force. 

The GM brings Grand Strategy to the table immediately.  The important aspect of this is that I can allow a possible D3 of my Dreads to be scoring units which means that I can have quite a strong scoring body in the army even though it is small and I can let my dreads hang back to hold home objectives while I push forward with the body of my force. 

Grand Strategy aside, The GM is a strong combat threat and is deadly close-in with his incinerator.  The MC NF Sword allows him a 3++ save making him very survivable.  Psychotroke and Rad grenades make any combat round an almost guaranteed win, meaning the GM and his squad of terminators will murder most other units. 

The Libby is the ultimate support character with the ability to cast two psychic powers.  I went ahead and took a wide array of powers mostly because I had 5 leftover points.  He has the ability to provide improved cover saves, force dangerous terrain tests on assaulting enemy units, increase strength and initiative, and eliminate enemy units.  He will stay at the center of the battle line to provide utility to whichever unit needs it at the time.

Venerable Dreads are nasty! With the venerable reroll and fortitude psychic ability, this guy can shrug off most damage and then shoot 4 TL S8 shots into enemy units and vehicles.  I'll take two please!

Four units of terminators allow me to maintain a solid combat threat alongside the characters and while they advance can put down 4 S7 rending shots and 8 S4 bolter shots per unit.  Their 2+/5++(4++ for the sword models) means that they will be hard to get rid of as well. 

To round out the army, I thought about taking 2 more dreads to provide more ranged support for the army.  Though not as survivable as their venerable counterparts, they are still deadly.

So this army, puts out a staggering:
16 S8 autocannon shots
16 S7 rending shots
34 S4 storm bolter shots

across only 26 models!  Every model with the exception of the dreads has a force weapon and can attack at S5 if the powers go off.  This is a truly devastating force if wielded correctly.  I may have to make a run onto Vassal and test this list out this weekend. 

Feel free to tear this apart, applaud it, ask questions about it, or whatever.  This is just a preliminary list put together after reading several articles over at 3++ is the new black and other places.  Let me know what you think. 

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