Saturday, March 12, 2011

The inner nerd rejoices

I follow a few bloggers as you might have guessed from my side bar.  Well, I took a look over at GDMNW's blog at his "Probably a Hammer".  If you are a nerd like me, then you have to check it out.  I love math (math teacher) and spreadsheets, so this spoke to me. If you want to learn how to make accurate assessments of various battlefield situations, a good understanding of probability and statistics is really key.  Enter GDMNW's article series.  Check it out and let your inner nerd rejoice.



GDMNW said...

You wait until we get to the 'good' stuff. We want to produce something reasonably definitive so we will include methods for dealing with most wargaming problems at one point or another.

Thanks for the plug. It is always good to know people are enjoying what you are writing.

Dave said...

Oh..I look forward to it. Like I said, the inner nerd in me rejoices! I love some good spreadsheet/prob./stat talk.

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