Friday, March 11, 2011

So easy a caveman could do it.

I mentioned in a previous post how easy to put together the new GW plastic kits are getting.  Last night, after I posted my previous painting update, I decided to try to assemble some more of the stormraven.  What I realized is that the thing literally will hold together (though not in a stable way) without glue.  All of the pieces fit together well.  Here are some pictures of the stormraven.  Try to guess what isn't glued.
In the pictures above, I have not glued the wings, the engines, the main cockpit canopy or the gun turret on the top of stormraven, yet it holds together very well!  I am really impressed by this kit.  It is slick and though the stormraven itself is kind of awkward and boxy, I really like it.  Look out for more updates to come. 

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