Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Converting: One Man's Trash...

I love a good deal.  I love re-purposing things.  I love finding value in things that could be considered junk by other people.  For that reason, I love converting models.  It is fun to create models that stand out and more closely resemble the excellent pictures provided by GW in their fluff. 

It's also a challenge.  Finding the right pieces, fitting them together to make believeable, dynamic poses, and creating a model that stands out can be a challenge, but one that pays off. 

To that end, there are many great places to find cheap bits to work with.  I use a lot.  It is a bit more pricey, but has the most readily available new bits.  I have also heard good things about .  Finally, I absolutely love bartertown.  It is very easy to place an advert for what you need and allow fellow gamers to supply the models or pieces for trades or money.

Once you have your bits, it is all about vision.  Bringing the pieces together to create a model that doesn't look cobbled together from junk can be daunting, so a clear vision is necessary.  I occasionally, draw a picture or go by an already created picture for my inspiration.  From there, it is just a matter of cutting, scraping, gluing, and sculpting your way to a nice model.

Here are a few models that I have recently converted. 
My most famous conversion is my take on twinlinked autocannon arms for dreadnoughts.  You can check out my tutorial here.
Here is my take on Logan Grimnar.  He strides forward with a deadly purpose.
Here are my much debated "thunderhoof" cavalry.
Here is a rune priest that uses many warhammer fantasy pieces.
My most recently converted project is Vulkan.

Converting is fun, it helps us come up with models that GW doesn't currently have in production and it allows us to use our creativity to create characterful models for our armies.  One man's trash is another man's treasure.

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