Sunday, April 3, 2011

First group of Grey Knights

I am continuing my work on my friend's Grey Knights.  They are coming along well and I thought I would share them.  These first 6 are a selection of special character types, so I gave them blue force weapons.  The rest will not have them as the previous parts of the army I painted for my friend came before the entire army had force weapons.  That said, these pictures are also pretty cruddy, but my wife is having trouble with her blog so I thought I would try to throw up a post of my progress to test Blogger.  So, here are the pictures.

 Here is Cool and the Gang.  Notice that these models range from the 2nd to 4th edition.  My friend has quite the extensive and eclectic collection.
 You can't see him well, but the guy in the back is a 3rd or 4th edition apothecary.  Since the old terminators are smaller and you can only take an apothecary with paladins, we threw this guy on a 40mm base. 
 The homemade converted lightning claws will count as falchions. 
I am proud of this hammer.  I completely scratch built it from bitz I had laying around as I didn't have any spare thunder hammers at the time of getting this guy prepped. 

So, there you have them.  These are the first crop.  I have around 22 more and a land raider to finish up in the next week or two.  Stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel as I finish up the Grey Knights.

1 comment:

Atreides said...

some great old models here, and that hammer looks excellent, if somewhat huge :) i love the pose of the lightning claw dude.

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