Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To Ven or not to Ven....

I just read an interesting article over on 3++ by Zjoekov.  It talks about a couple things that he has noticed about the new GK Codex.  The inquisitor piece is nice, but I'm not all that interested in the inquisition portions of the codex, or at least not at the moment. What really got my attention is the portion about halfway down about the difference between Ven Dread and normal Dreads.  I love dreadnoughts and Zjoekov really made a few interesting points. 

1) He stated the popular build for GK dreads is the psyfleman and as such, it would appear that the normal dread benefits the most from this setup.  Ven dreads are more pricey and due to their increased WS and BS, they aren't utilizing the psyfleman setup as efficiently.  The point Zjoekov makes, though, is that they are more survivable that regular dreads.  That is their main appeal. 

2) The other point of appeal which I haven't full considered is that taking Ven dreads allows you to utilize the heavy slots for other models, namely (from Zjoekov's perspective) Dreadknights.  By putting in ven dreads, you can add Dreadknights to increase your combat potential across the army in general. 

So, those are the main points that stuck out to my dread loving mind.  Take a look at the full article here: Some thoughts on Grey Knights - Inquisitors, Purifiers, Dreadnoughts and Dreadknights

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