Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Space Vampire Madness Begins

As a perk for being the paint judge for the Lonewolf GT, I was given a bit of swag.  It was fantasy merchandise, but luckily GW does pretty hassle free trade-ins.  Here is the fruit of my labor, or at least the start:

I still really want to do a sanguinary guard heavy list, so I started out by buying Dante and a squad of Sanguinary guard.  Next, I hope to buy 2 more boxes of guard, 3 sanguinary priests, and an assault squad.  That will handle my jumper element.  The rest will probably be comprised of Mephiston and some devastators.  It should be a fun army.  I should have some time to run another playtest this weekend, so I will hopefully get that done in between commission jobs. 

On a side note, I think I want to convert Dante to have wings just like the guard, but I want them to be a bit nicer and better posed that the sanguinary guard's wings, so I was thinking about getting Astorath's of the Saguinor's wings.  Anyone know where I can russle those up for a decent price?

Let the vampire madness begin!

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