Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thought Provoking Tuesday

I have decided to try out a weekly update type post.  The Thought Provoking Tuesday post will be a way for me to share blog posts that I thought were really interesting either from a game perspective or a hobby perspective.  They have given reason to pause and think about how I model, paint, or play.  This week's 5 thought provoking blog posts are:

Mind War FTW- Missile Spam and Codex Creep by The_King_Elessar.  This is a great article about comparing the strengths of codexes through the medium of missile spam to determine if there is any codex creep truly happening.  I would love to see if Elessar will write additional articles that seek to derive conclusions using other measures. 

3++ is the New Black- Abuse Puppy laments the Grey Knights' effect on the Tyranid codex. I don't know if his perspective is a bit too pessimistic or not, but he has some great points.  I perceive his arguments to be true initially, but eventually I think that Grey Knights will normalize like every other codex and there won't be so many players out there as new, shiny codexes come out.  I also think there is a correlation between new codexes and the number of inexperienced player using them.  I think a canny Nid general could outplay many less experienced players who are using the GK codex.  Of course, in tournament play, trends do seems to develop quickly. 

Miniature Wargames Conversions- Lantz from the Magnet Pro gives a wonderful tutorial on how to make resin molds. I, for one, have always been leary about trying resin molding, but Lantz really spells it out in a wonderfully written tutorial. 

Tentakel- David Stillberg works on a stunning conversion for a Blood Angel Chaplain.  Again, the resin casting and sculpting included in the model make me think that I need to start working on those skills for myself.

3++ is the New Black- Kirby talks about Karamazov and his uses in a Grey Knight army.  I love the fact that Kirby considers this lesser talked about and used model.  He definitely brings up some nice options.


The_King_Elessar said...

Awesome, cheers! As the 'Part One' suggested, I plan to discuss the topics further, though it may not go down exactly the path you expect... ;)

Eversor said...

Thanks mate, but you give me too much credit ;) There are no resin casts at all on the BA chaplain. It's all stock parts and a wee bit of green stuff.

Dave said...

Well, nonetheless, the model is fantastic. I am anxious to see a completed product.

Eversor said...

Just waiting for the weather to warm up enough to spray-prime it ;)

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