Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend Update

Howdy folks.  I have had a somewhat eventful week Warhammer-wise.  This week, I have gotten the pieces to make a devestator squad, 2 units of sanuingary guard, 2 landspeeders, and mephiston, some of which are still coming.  I was also able to procure the economy sized tube of greenstuff. Once that came in, I was back on track to work on converting up my lone wolf model to show off with a Dragon Forge base.  If you read back here, you can see that Jeff over at Dragon Forge was super generous and sent me a handful of bases to try out for various modelling experiments. 

So, our Lone Wolf model is coming along. Last night, I was able to hammer out a few small details.  Here are the pictures with descriptions of various sculpting work I have done. Forgive my shoddy camera.  I am hoping to work out some editing.

Here you see our trusty lonewolf standing on his Lost Empire base. I like the imposing feel he has as he marches stoically forward to kill stuff.
Here you can see the details on the shield.  I added a space wolf dreadnought icon, I found laying around in my bitz box.  Below it I added a piece of wolf pelt nailed to his shield.  On the inside of the shield, I have added a shield handle and wrist strap.
Circling around his chest and shoulders is a chain to hold his wolf pelt in place on his back (see below).  To the front I added a few wolf teeth hanging from the chain. I also added a loincloth.  This is actually a WFB cloak that I hacked up and heated a bit to bend into position.
On the shoulder pad I added a howling wolf symbol.
Here is the wolf pelt.  When I heated this to bend it around, I got it a little too hot.  Some of the fur details melted together leaving a weird, smooth texture. So, I had to go back and sculpt some fur and ears for our poor wolf. 
Finally, I added the fanged skull motif to the chainfist hand.   It worked out pretty well and adds a bit more detail to the model. 

So, next I have to smooth out details and file down some greenstuff edges and then I am ready to prime and paint.  Stay tuned for more updates and while you're at it, check out Dragon Forge for cool bases and conversion pieces.

In other news, today I learned that Vulkan Marine with no libby are terribly outmatched by Grey Knights.  Ugghh. 

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