Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Conversion Project begins with generous support and a giveaway!

I am super excited about a project I have decided to do. Recently, I've spoken with Jeff from Dragon Forge and he agreed to send me some of his resin bases.  They came in yesterday and man they look great.  I have seen quite a few resin bases both professionally and amateurly made, and these are nice.  The edges are crisp, the details are solid, and the bases don't feel soft like other resin bases I have seen/used.  You can see the variety he sent me below. 

So, looking at these bases and my current unused/underused models, I have decided to start out with a conversion project.  I have an unpainted terminator with chainfist laying around in my carrying case and I have decided that a conversion project needs to happen. Here he is in all of his unfinished glory.

It is my hope to convert this model into a SW Lone Wolf model and put him on the terminator sized rock base found to the far right in the picture above.  What's even more, I decided that after he is converted and painted, I will be doing the first ever Gone to Ground prize contest!  For now, I need to work on the details of the contest, but it should be fun. 

I look forward to using these resin bases and reporting my findings.  Check back as I work on them to see my progress and go now to Dragon Forge and check out Jeff's line of sculpted, resin products. 


Papa JJ said...

The Dragon Forge bases I've used have all been really great quality, good luck with your hobby projects!

Dragonforge said...

Thanks Dave, I look forward to seeing what you do.


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